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How to get across town

2018-03-13 17:36:29

To 130 kilometers, as a frequent traveler between the two places, to know the means of transportation. Long-distance bus, using fast bus travel APP, etc


Yuan and yuan


There's no train. Everybody pay attention. Make no mistake


Fast bus travel software, the use of fast bus travel this software can get your cross-city travel strategy with one click, you can now about the car from to, enter the APP, determine the departure information, book a vehicle will have a driver to you, especially fast. And it's to pick you up from your starting point, and you don't have to take the bus or anything. See the guide below for details, want to see the detailed tutorial see the experience below


To a total of 15 buses, 7:20 a.m. to 6:20 p.m., an average of 40 minutes a trip, the lowest ticket price of 46 yuan, pure bus drive 3 hours, all calculated home about 5/6 hours it is not very cost-effective overall, because it takes too long.


Choose to find carpooling information from QQ group, it is cheaper, but it is particularly unsafe, and it is easy to encounter the situation of rip-off, personal advice is not to use this method.

Matters needing attention

I hope you plan your trip wisely