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How to fix a broken water heater

2018-03-24 04:48:28

Many people must have met the water heater at home and sometimes the light suddenly does not light, and it cannot be heated. But also have to find a maintenance master to repair, the cost of maintenance is still a lot, now tell you, there are some faults is completely you can get a.


Water heater


First of all, check whether the light of the water heater is still on, and whether it can be heated normally after opening the switch.


If you can't heat it, the next step is to use the screwdriver to remove the lid of the water heater, so you can see the wiring inside and so on.


Then see if there is a line burned out or where the line segment, if not, we can find the power line to connect a stick on the thermal bottle when reaching in, generally if not other bad that is usually when boiling water encountered some short circuit or the water temperature reached a certain temperature, This little thing serves as a protective function.


When you find the first contact that the power cord is connected to, see if there is a button in the middle, generally there is a button, and press the button.


Install the water heater in the original way, plug in the power cord, and take a look. This kind of problem appears a lot, do not need to find a maintenance master. They can completely get it done, if there are other failures that it is estimated to repair the master, my last water heater broke is so repaired, the original or asked a friend who engaged in maintenance just know oh.

Matters needing attention

Be sure to unplug the power when disassembling or installing.