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How to draw tennis balls and rackets in stick figures?

2018-04-02 22:24:41

Tennis is a common sport in our lives, many schools have also opened tennis courses, today we will share a group of tennis and racket painting, is also very simple, a look at it.


First get ready to draw money, we first draw a circle on the paper, as shown below.


In the second step, inside the small circle just drawn, near the outside sides, draw two lines on each side, as shown below.


In the third step, we then draw two lines in the position of the inside of the two lines just drawn, parallel to the previous, so that the pattern of the tennis ball is drawn, as shown below.


The fourth step, after the tennis ball is drawn, it is time to draw the tennis racket. On the side of the tennis ball, draw a large oval, which is very simple, as shown below.


The fifth step is to draw a slightly smaller ellipse inside the big ellipse just drawn, the big ellipse sets the small ellipse, as shown below.


The sixth step, on the outside of the oval just drawn, the bottom part, draw an arc, as shown below, very simple.


Step 7: In the highlighted area, draw the outer outline and outline the handle part of the racket, as shown in the picture below.


First, here we need to draw some decoration on the handle of the tennis racket. In the position of the handle, draw a diagonal line, which is very simple, as shown in the following picture.


The ninth step, we want to draw the tennis racket net here, in the oval blank, first draw the horizontal line, and then draw the vertical line, so that the net is drawn, as shown below.


The last step, through the above steps, the tennis ball and tennis racket have been drawn, here we are to paint the tennis ball and tennis racket with the favorite color, the final effect picture is as follows, very simple oh.