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How to do with the newly bought shoes

2018-03-18 01:36:36

Especially in summer, my sisters like to wear a variety of slippers and sandals, but new shoes will generally wear their feet, so that girls are beautiful at the same time of pain. Here to share with you new shoes to wear feet how to do.


New shoes sharpen the feet


High temperature softening material method. According to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, use a hair dryer to blow the shoes with hot air, the shoe material is about to become soft, and then use something harder to press the edge flat, especially where there are defects.


Wet softening material method. Use a wet cloth or newspaper to wrap the shoes where the feet are worn, keep them wet, and then it is best to close them with a plastic bag, after a period of time, the material softens the friction coefficient is reduced, and the degree of wear is reduced.


Foreign matter lubrication protection law. With soap or candles, etc., rub back and forth on the ground of the foot, forming a lubricating and protective effect on the surface of the shoe, and reducing friction, naturally grinding the foot is easy.


The Band-aid method. Really or grinding feet, you can buy a few band-Aids affixed to the edge of the shoe grinding feet, to ensure that the corresponding place on the foot can also be affixed, naturally can avoid the degree of grinding feet.


Wear it another way. Wear the feet too much, you can put the shoe and heel strap directly on the instep as slippers to wear. With a sock can wear the equipment, in the sock in the Band-aid, so that the degree of wear to reduce the foot.

Matters needing attention

These methods do not conflict and can be combined.