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How to do family earthquake-proof work in earthquake-prone areas

2018-05-14 16:00:47

In 2014, earthquakes repeatedly invaded the southwest region of China, taking people's lives and destroying people's living homes. In the face of earthquake, we can do nothing, because it is a natural phenomenon. Only by making good preparations and preventive work in our lives can we avoid the loss brought by disasters as much as possible. So how to do a good job in earthquake-prone areas?


1. Reduce hanging objects in your home. In family decoration, try to reduce the hanging of wall clocks, photo albums, chandeliers and other decorations on the roof and walls, so as to avoid earthquake shaking and injuring family members.


This page is based on experience


3. Put away fragile items. Fragile items must not be placed in high places, and in the cabinet to the cabinet door with a lock, to prevent the earthquake shaking out fragile items hurt the family, to avoid indirect disasters.


4, do not use or use less movable furniture. Flexible furniture with wheels, in case of an earthquake, even if holding this furniture, may also slide back and forth, may therefore cause a threat to life.


5, long-term access to the place to minimize debris placement. Such as doors, Windows, bedrooms and other places, do not place a large number of debris, so as not to cause chaos because of the earthquake shaking, blocking the escape channel and other phenomena.


6, often learn some self-help knowledge. Family members can regularly learn some self-rescue knowledge, master some knowledge, may be able to save their own life, so master self-rescue skills, brave to face the earthquake.