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How to delay male sexual function decline!

2018-04-11 12:48:08

We know that with the growth of age, the function of our body will decline, in real life, many men have the problem of sexual function decline, then how to delay the decline of sexual function, to share some practical tips, hope to help:


Keep exercising;


Right perspective, good living habits


Take part in sports and exercise regularly. Those who take part in sports are 40% more excited and 25% more likely to reach orgasm than those who took part in sports. Exercise will release a pleasant hormone, at the same time, exercise can enhance the heart's ability to supply blood to the sexual organs, more blood supply, erectile ability is strong.


Try to reduce or do not smoke, drink, to know that long-term smoking and excessive drinking, excessive intake of alcohol and nicotine and other harmful substances in the body, will constitute the sperm, testicles and genital organs peripheral blood and other aspects of the impact.


Try to reduce the use of some drugs, in fact, many drugs will have an impact on sexual function, such as hypotensive drugs, sedatives, antipsychotics, diuretics, etc., will have an inhibitory effect on sexual function, causing low sexual desire.


To adhere to the normal sex life, which can stimulate the production of male and female hormones in the body to maintain balance, due to the increase in blood flow to the sexual organs, improve the local blood circulation, so that the sexual organs maintain flexibility, thus delaying the atrophy.


In order to relieve the unnecessary psychological burden, the occurrence of temporary sexual dysfunction should not be blindly regarded as permanent. In fact, in the case of fatigue, tension, anxiety, poor living environment, it is entirely possible to appear temporary sexual dysfunction, so the occasional sexual dysfunction, we must have a correct understanding.


To maintain sexual ability to last, should consciously adjust their own sexual behavior, such as erectile response is slow, poor intensity, you should strengthen sexual stimulation. Keep moving continuously during sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse can not be too frequent, usually pay attention to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle contraction exercise, such as twice a day to relax the anal sphincter, do 50 times each time, help to strengthen the ejaculation strength.

Matters needing attention

Should abstain from tobacco and alcohol, timely treatment of diabetes, chronic renal failure, nervous system disease and other diseases affecting sexual function;


Be careful with antihypertensive drugs, ulcer drugs and psychotics, and do not use aphrodisiac drugs.


If you like,; If you have suggestions, please ask me, thank you!