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How to decorate a girl's room - Lovely

2018-03-26 16:00:46

There is a girl she is a little cute she is also a little naughty ~ There is a girl at home, cute, the most like to do is to dress her up as a princess, give him a princess room, so how do we decorate from where to decorate our lovely room?


Window decoration. Curtains are a focus, if there are floor-to-ceiling Windows or bay Windows, curtains can be decorated with lovely curtains to hang up, bay Windows can be considered to lay on the cushion, and then place some lovely dolls next to the bay window, and then hang wind chimes on the window, the wind blows the bell.


Bed. Bed is a very important link, you can change with lace lace sheets, quilt quilt cover with powder quilt cover, pillow can consider choosing a long doll pillow, if you want to get mosquito net can consider getting a hanging mosquito net, put a little cute doll on the bed, the bed is best to visit things, you can appropriately put some lovely decoration or alarm clock.


The makeup table. Do not have to make up, but must have a makeup table, so that it is convenient to see what stains are on the beautiful face, and the girls' room must have a makeup table.


Large full-length mirror. Girls must have one thing, full-body mirror, you can change clothes to see how good you are wearing, how to match, etc., you can also take a selfie, you can put a round blanket in front of the floor mirror, super cute.


Carpet. Some people like to put a carpet in the room, you can consider getting a carpet, the carpet is best not to be hairy, not easy to clean, you can sit on the ground with short hair is not cool, and the shoes are all placed outside.


Wall decoration. You can get some diy photos on the wall, hang some small light lines on the kind of hanging up, you can get some lovely pendants on the wall decoration, so cute a lot, very good-looking, will get a lot of girls envy. If you have a shelf, you can put some ornaments on it.


A wardrobe. The wardrobe of the girl's room is as big as possible, you can choose cute points, you can also put a hanger to hang clothes, girls' clothes are really always less than one, so be ready for the hanger oh.