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How to deal with the new pure wood cutting board

2018-05-13 08:00:21

Speaking of cutting board is one of the essential utensils in the kitchen. How to maintain the newly bought wood cutting board? Now let me explain the experience for you.


Salt, water, oil


Solid wood cutting board


First with boiling water, wash off the outer layer of wax, wash off, be sure to soak in concentrated salt water for a day, concentrated salt water is to boil the water, while hot, add salt, add until no longer dissolve. The purpose of soaking in concentrated salt water for a day is to make the surface of the wood with salt, which is moisture-absorbing and can prevent the wood from drying and cracking.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


Wood cutting boards are best made of jujube, ginkgo, elm or willow, because the wood of these trees is hard, the grain is fine, the density is moderate, and its elasticity is good, does not damage the blade.

Matters needing attention

Lay solid wood cutting boards flat when not in use