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How to deal with the common faults of Mercedes-Benz gearbox

2018-03-28 14:24:23

The following is a list of some common faults of the Mercedes-Benz gearbox (BENZ 722.6 gearbox) and their solutions


Question: The gearbox does not jump, sometimes it does not jump, poor acceleration or no start signal. Fault code EGS 114 - The gear signal is sometimes wrong. Treatment method: Replace the gear switch


Question: The transmission enters the emergency operation procedure diagnosis: Fault code EGS 055/151 -- The position of the hanging rod is wrong or the transmission component is slipping possible cause: The piston - the regulating valve is bitten treatment: replace the control valve body


Fault code EGS 133/037 -- CAN Communication interference (software fault) Fault code HFM 156 -- CAN does not receive the signal from ETC Processing Method: Replace the electronic transmission (ETC) computer


Question: The transmission enters the emergency operation procedure Diagnosis: Fault code 012,013 -- n2 n3 PRM sensor Fault handling method: replace the circuit board


Question: Transmission gear is not smooth, slipping, mechanical/oil pressure into the emergency operation procedure. Fault code 051 Possible cause: The password is incorrect or not entered/or the control valve body is faulty. Solution: re-enter the correct password or replace the control valve body


Question: When entering D gear or R gear on the slope, slide down to diagnose break: the normal treatment of the gearbox: set the program selection switch to "W", re-enter D gear, as originally in "S" and then cut to "W", first to "D" and then enter R gear