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How to deal with early pitting of reducer

2018-04-14 17:36:52

The formation of pitting corrosion is the biggest harm to the reducer, resulting in the normal operation of the reducer, so enterprises should pay special attention to the formation of the early pitting corrosion of the reducer when using the reducer


(1) In the process of reducer gear overhaul and reassembly, strictly implement the overhaul process regulations to ensure that each part of the gear is installed in place, while removing the impurities in the contact parts, adjust the axial clearance of the gear, so as to ensure the contact area of the gear teeth and improve the contact accuracy of the reducer gear.


(2) The lubricant of the reducer gear should be lubricated strictly according to the lubricant required by the reducer itself, and the mixed use of different types of lubricants is prohibited, while ensuring the quality of the lubricant, and the use of expired and deteriorated lubricants is strictly prohibited.


(3) Reducer gear in the material selection of strict implementation of standards, can not arbitrarily select those unqualified materials, at the same time in the gear heat treatment process, for those unqualified gear products, resolutely eliminated.


(4) In the early use process, in addition to paying attention to various matters, but also timely cleaning of the reducer, gear box cleaning and maintenance machine using the original oil discharge system of the gear box and filtered lubricating oil to clean the gear box, without changing any hardware facilities of the gear box, without adding any cleaning agent, to ensure the safe operation of the gear box and the service life of the gear box. Can ensure the normal operation of the reducer.