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How to create beautiful and fresh eye makeup

2018-03-26 12:48:04

Summer is here, and a fresh look will add a lot of points for girls. Especially eye makeup, who doesn't love a dewy eye makeup. But how to draw a nice and simple eye makeup, the following Xiaobian recommends a quick and good eye makeup tutorial.


Eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelash curler, concealer, false eyelashes


Eyebrow tutorial I will not introduce here, I will focus on the back of the eyeshadow part. We must first choose a good eyeshadow, the general choice of earth color is not wrong, suitable for all kinds of skin color girls, and everything.


First, apply a light eyeshadow all over your upper and lower eyelids


Use the eyeliner color to paint the same eyeliner as the casting direction box, and temporarily do not blur the thickness and length according to their preferences


Select a transitional color blur to open the eye color, and add light color blur appropriately


Wear upper and lower eyeliner, and choose black and brown for your eyebrow pencil. Make sure you stick to the inner eyelid for a better look


Touch up your eye liner


Stick the lashes, the lower lashes cluster, thick in the middle and thin on both sides (according to personal preference), use the eyelash curler to curl the lashes, and then brush the mascara to thicken the lashes. If you don't like false eyelashes, this step can be omitted, or simply brush on a little mascara.


If the girl with deep dark circles can use concealer first, concealer the dark circles. Then use highlights and shadows to create a sleeping silkworm, which can make our whole look more flexible. This simple eye makeup is complete

Matters needing attention

For a more refreshing look, remember to use heavy colors. When applying eyeshadow, make sure that the color is light to dark, and transition regularly.


Eyeliner should not be too thick, false eyelashes are best to choose a natural type. Take care of the details, or it will look unnatural.