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How to complete the new crisis mission in Dragon Valley?

2018-04-13 20:48:17

New crisis quest in Dragonvale


Dragon Valley


Step 1: Geraint's hunch Talk to Geraint. Holy Paradise City of Kings (Underground Secret Area) → Geraint Quest Objective: Talk to Geraint in the underground secret area of the City of Kings Quest Tip: Quest added.


Step 2: The chaotic City of Kings Although everything is going well, Geraint says there is a bad feeling. Talk to the elite soldier Clinde and see if something special happens. Holy Paradise King City → Elite Soldier Klinde Mission Objective: Talk to Elite Soldier Klinde Mission Tip: Please talk to Elite Soldier Klinde.


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Step 4: In order to find out the identity of the magic object of unknown origin in the cave of the thief, go to the base of the captain Durrant where the magic object appears to see Shen Fen. Helmadai (Island Transport Ship) → Captain Durrant's base Mission Objective: Explore Captain Durrant's base Mission Tip: Please go to Captain Durrant's base in search of the unknown origin of the demon.


Step 5: Identity of the Demon Report the identity of the demon to Bishop Ignacio. Holy Heavenly King City → Reading Three Pressure Bishop Ignacio Mission Objective: Talk to Bishop Ignacio Trace Europe Mission Tips: Please tell Bishop Ignacio the testimony of the eyewitness. Quest Reward: Experience: 81877 Money: 874