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How to choose underwear for baby

2018-04-20 06:24:04

The baby's skin is too delicate and it is easy to be allergic to some clothes, underwear is the baby's direct contact, so the underwear needs to be very carefully selected, this small series teaches parents how to choose underwear for the baby


Baby underwear


Fine texture: Texture directly determines the feel of underwear, is the first factor to consider when choosing. Pure cotton underwear with its good sweat absorption and breathability, comfortable feel has become the only choice of baby underwear texture. Generally, there are four kinds of fabrics for making baby underwear: knitted rib fabric: this is a kind of elastic knitted fabric, thin texture, characterized by scalability, strong air permeability, good feel, but the warmth is slightly poor, so it is not suitable for winter, is the best choice for summer. Knitted cotton fabric: slightly thicker than rib fabric, double-layer elastic knitted fabric, characterized by excellent scalability, warmth, air permeability and good feel, suitable for autumn and winter underwear. Cotton gauze: is a flat fabric, because thin and large fiber gap, excellent air permeability, but scalability, heat preservation and feel general, easy to shrink after washing, mainly used for summer underwear. Terry cloth: that is, wool circle pure cotton cloth, because of the thick texture, has a strong warmth and good flexibility and feel, but the air permeability is slightly poor, generally used for autumn and winter underwear.


Fine workmanship: fine workmanship underwear generally pays more attention to the baby's body characteristics in the tailoring design: the baby's neck always rotates, the jaw and neck are easy to sweat, so the collar can not be too deep; Sleeve seam design affects the activity of the baby's arm, it is best to use the sleeve and shoulder level of three-dimensional cutting; The baby's belly is relatively delicate, so the overlapping design of the abdomen can ensure that the baby will not get cold. In addition, because the baby underwear needs to be washed frequently, fine clothing can ensure that buttons, straps, etc., are not easy to fall off, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents such as baby ingestion.


Functional detail: Although the baby underwear is small, there are many types, long, short, robe, frog, daily wear, sleep wear, there are seven or eight kinds of total, the choice should take into account the different effects of each. The robe underwear is characterized by a loose bottom, which is suitable for the baby before learning to crawl, this period, his diapers are changed very frequently, as long as the bottom can be changed; 2-3 months of baby leg and foot activity increase, suitable for use of hem split underwear; Frog style is more convenient to push legs, and can avoid femoral joint dislocation; Compared with everyday underwear, pajamas are more focused on warmth. In addition, the choice of underwear function is also time, in general, according to the baby's growth stage, from easy for the mother to wear or change diapers gradually to easy for the baby to move feet.


Attention to detail: The attention to detail is an important yardstick to measure the care of a mother, and it is also the most common place to make mistakes when choosing baby underwear. Color: Baby underwear should choose the original white, so that it is possible to minimize the harm of various colored dyes to the baby, and is conducive to finding some abnormal situations, abnormal color feces or blood left by the baby's own scratch skin. However, some underwear that is too white may contain fluorescent agents and should be selected with caution. Seam edge: Rough seam edge is easy to stimulate the baby's skin, especially in the armpit, wrist, etc., when choosing, you may wish to feel it next to your cheek. Some brands of underwear have all underwear seams turned out, which is a safer move. Button and tie: Baby underwear is best used tie type, both safe and can closely match the baby's body type. Underwear with buttons, it is best to choose to use cloth buckle class, than metal, plastic, wood are soft and comfortable, there will be no burrs and other dangers. Not button or knot, choose to check the firmness, or buy back and then re-.

Matters needing attention

Bag underwear is best to choose pure cotton fabric