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How to choose the wedding dress for your mother-in-law or mother-in-law

2018-01-08 00:00:00

If the bride chooses a Western-style wedding dress, the mothers should also try to choose Western-style dresses, upper and lower two-piece women's suits or dresses. If the bride chooses Chinese clothing, the mothers' clothes should be changed accordingly. It should be noted here that if the mother's weight is more than 65 kg, it is best not to choose to wear Qipao. If you really like to wear a cheongsam, please set a similar style of long vest on the outside of the cheongsam to cover the waist. The choice of color can be diversified, black or purple and other classic and elegant colors can be selected. But remember not to choose too bright colors and large patterns of the dress, otherwise there will be a noisy suspicion Oh. Match Your jewelry with the style of your outfit. If the clothes have no collar, it is necessary to match the necklace, if it is short sleeve or seven-quarter sleeve can match the bracelet and other decoration. According to personal habits, you can also use a ring as a decoration, but do not choose too exaggerated accessories.