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How to choose the right early education agency

2018-03-16 04:48:00

As the baby gets older and smarter every day, parents start to worry about the baby's education. I heard that another little treasure in the community has already attended early education. You must also be thinking about how to choose the right early education for your baby. As an early education institution engaged in parent-child class instructor for many years, I would like to open my heart and share with parents.


Get out of the mistake: The bigger the brand, the better, the higher the fee, the better. This is the key to many parents' blind spending. Of course, the curriculum system of some big brands of early education institutions is very mature, and the hardware is quite good. But it may not be right for your baby. As for teachers, early education institutions usually recruit teachers based on ability rather than academic qualifications. There are a lot of people who are highly educated and have a teaching certificate, but they don't necessarily fit in. The teaching style is flexible and interesting, friendly and lively, and the ability to change is suitable. Therefore, it is revealed to everyone that no matter how big the brand of early education institutions, they are not based on academic qualifications to see teachers. You still have to experience the course to feel it.


Is it consistent with your educational philosophy? Some early education institutions advocate American education, some advocate Montessori, and some are educational ideas put forward by the founders themselves. Whatever it is, in my opinion, it's not perfect. When we choose, the most important thing is whether you agree with its concept and whether it is consistent with what you want your baby to receive. There is also a point to mention, even if the educational concept you think is very good, but the next is the operation of people. Perhaps the teacher did not implement it in the teaching process. For example, an early education institution advocates American education, but the teacher is still more rigid in the teaching process, rather than the heuristic of American education.


Whether the baby likes its environment or its teacher. This is also very important, because children are easy to get caught up in a minute, and the early education curriculum is a systematic learning, which needs to be adhered to for a long time. If the baby really likes it here, or he feels that there is real love and warmth here, he will naturally stick with it. No matter how good the hardware is, no matter how expensive the fee is, no matter how big the brand is, if the baby resists many times, the parents still have to consider it carefully, do not rush.


Think calmly and choose carefully. You may feel more at ease if your friend can recommend an early education facility that their child is attending. However, there will be a situation where you will not enjoy the preferential price of your friend at that time. This phenomenon is common, because early education institutions are mostly private, profitable, and have to achieve certain results every month. So good luck getting a good price. Generally speaking, it only gets more expensive every year. When you finish an experiential lesson, the enthusiastic course advisor will chat with you. Of course, they want you to be satisfied, so that you can complete a single order. Here I urge you not to be confused by their ability to talk, and do not fully believe any promises they give you, as mentioned earlier, are all human beings, and will not be perfect. Many parents after a period of time will regret, will ask for a refund, then you will find more headaches. Therefore, remember to be careful, you can compare several, listen to the experience and advice of other parents.


Finally, it should be noted that the essence of parent-child early education classes is not to teach children, but to teach parents how to better guide their children in daily life. If you choose an early education institution to start the class, please try your parents to accompany your baby to class, and do not let the nanny or grandparents replace such a wonderful parent-child interaction time. Since you have decided to raise this child, please be serious and responsible in its education, take time out of your busy schedule, and enjoy this parent-child relationship!