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How to choose the location of Western catering

2018-02-22 06:24:00

Food is the life of the people." In recent years, Western-style catering is quietly infiltrating into the lives of the people, a great landing blossom gradually gradually, which naturally attracted investors salivating, have thrown themselves into it. However, there are not a few failures in investment, and the root cause is that improper location is often one of the main culprits. Therefore, understanding the siting rules of Western catering industry is a compulsory course in the field of hipster Western food.


Site selection


Business district location in the city to choose shopping malls or commercial buildings around the opening of Western-style catering should be good. Because these places have a wide range of shoppers and relatively rich customer sources. Although these people are mainly shopping, there are also some people who need leisure and dining. Because these groups do not pay much attention to the price of dishes in the dining process, dishes are basically acceptable, and the most like the dining environment health, clean, comfortable, like the content of dishes new, strange, special, as well as fashionable innovative varieties, and optional. In the dining method requires simple, time for a "fast" word. Therefore, choose to open Western-style restaurants in such areas, should be pizza, leisure meals and business meals business as well.


The main consumer groups in the office area are white-collar workers and visiting customers who work in the area, generally their economic strength is rich, and dining consumption does not pay much attention to the price, but it is very concerned about the quality of dishes. In this area, the location of a Western-style restaurant should focus on steakhouses, coffee and pizza.


Community site selection should first choose the surrounding residents with a high level of consumption power of the community, only in this way can ensure the sustainability of business. Secondly, due to the time characteristics of community consumption, it can only focus on traditional Western meals. But for some high-end large communities, you can also choose some casual dining and coffee, bars.