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How to choose the foundation that does not remove makeup

2018-01-18 08:00:00

Summer is a great test for the base makeup, hot and humid weather makes the skin appear obvious "dry oil", less than the afternoon face makeup appeared floating powder, mottled and other embarrassing state. Today, we will explain the foundation for different skin types


Oily skin: For women with oily skin, the biggest problem is that the face is always oily, and the face with foundation is easy to appear "flower makeup". Especially in the summer, the T zone oil and even the cheeks are shiny, which makes the oil skin MM completely unbearable. In this case, try a powder that can be used both wet and dry. Apply a wet powder in the morning to make the base makeup more firm. When the skin is oily, press it clean with a paper towel and dry wipe to create a soft mist effect on the face. You can choose "AUPRES Light and Moisturizing Powder"


Mixed skin: The T part is easy to produce oil, and the cheeks are dry, which is the trouble of mixed skin. Girls with mixed skin are very similar to skin care products in the choice of foundation. It is best to choose the way to distinguish foundation, if you do not have enough time and energy, you can choose a smart foundation that has a skin care effect. For greasy parts, it can effectively control oil secretion and make the oily parts matte; For dry areas, it can moisturize the skin in time. You can choose "SHISEIDO Makeup Shine Firming Liquid Foundation"


Neutral skin: Many times we tend to confuse neutral skin and mixed skin, in fact, these are two completely different skin types. Mixed skin is oily in some places and dry in some places, while neutral skin is a very healthy skin state without significant regional differences. For girls with this kind of skin, don't worry too much about the texture of the base makeup, and a simple BB cream can Hold for a day. You can choose "AUPRES Source New Skin Isolation Serum Series"


Dry skin: Dry skin often appears in the application of foundation: foundation just applied to the face, the skin because of dry skin, patchy uneven, did not play a role in modifying the face. In addition to doing a good job of moisturizing the skin before makeup, it is necessary to choose foundation cream or foundation cream, which is more texture of the base makeup products. You can choose "SHISEIDO Makeup Concealer Moisturizing Cream"


Problem skin: The so-called problem skin, whether the skin is dry or oily, there will be some imperfect flaws such as spots, dullness, acne. And for this kind of problem concealer is particularly important, do not use foundation to layer by layer superposition, which will only make the base makeup past heavy, the best way is to use concealer focus on covering, so as to create a clear makeup. You can choose "IPSA Moisturizing concealer" : a concealer that adjusts the best color and eliminates obvious color differences such as stains and uneven skin tone. Dual effect Vitamin C whitening ingredients, natural cover, still feel moist.