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How to choose milk powder

2018-03-17 01:36:09

The milk powder closest to breast milk is good milk powder, then how to choose milk powder? When purchasing infant formula milk powder, do not distrust the quality of well-known brand milk powder and buy imported milk powder at a high price. Do not consider the price factor too much, ignore the quality factor, and choose milk powder with cheap price and no guarantee of quality. To choose high-quality, affordable and suitable milk powder for babies, mothers need to master four principles.


Look at the milk powder packaging. The pattern and text of the product packaging printing should be clear, and the information about the product and the production enterprise in the text description is complete; Whether it is canned milk powder or packaged milk powder, the package should have the formula, implementation standards, applicable objects, consumption methods and other necessary text description.


The second check is to check the manufacture date and warranty period of the milk powder. Generally, the manufacture date and warranty period of canned milk powder are respectively marked on the tank body or the bottom of the tank, and bagged milk powder is respectively marked on the side or the seal of the bag, according to which it can be judged whether the product is within the safe consumption period.


Three pressure is to squeeze the packaging of milk powder to see if there is air leakage. Canned milk powder has good sealing performance and can effectively inhibit the growth of various bacteria, while bagged milk powder has poor air resistance. When purchasing packaged milk powder, squeeze it with both hands, if there is air leakage, powder leakage or no air in the bag, do not buy it.


Shake (pinch) By shaking (pinch), check whether there is a lump in the milk powder. Observation by shaking the tank, if there is caking in the milk powder, it proves that there is a product quality problem. Bag milk powder is to touch by hand, if the feel is soft and smooth and has a sense of flow, it is a qualified product, if the feel is uneven, and there is an irregular size block, the product is a deteriorated product.

Matters needing attention

It is really important to help the baby choose a good milk powder, so the mother should be extra careful. Do not covet cheap, must choose large scale, strong technical strength of the enterprise production of products.