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How to choose English training abroad?

2018-01-12 03:12:00

Ielts test cost is not cheap, the training price is higher, tuition thousands or even tens of thousands of IELTS one-to-one training courses abound. Money is hard won, time is precious, which we can not easily waste, so we must be careful to choose, then so many training institutions, how do we choose? I have summarized the following points to note, I hope you will be helpful.


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First, the reputation of IELTS training institutions as the saying goes: gold cup, silver cup, not as good as the people's reputation! Before choosing the training course, we must listen to the opinions of the students around us who have participated in the training, so that we have a good idea


At present, there are many well-known IELTS schools, many of which are chain or join, most of the teachers of training schools are localized, the United States teachers tell you if the school's publicity to the teacher's packaging as ""," "famous", "scholars" and other famous teachers, we should pay attention to, many are fake. Secondly, the stability of the teacher, if the school teachers constantly change, the training effect will not be guaranteed, before the training class must understand the teacher situation, to see whether it is a sheep's head to sell dog meat!


Professional IELTS schools will offer courses according to students' different English fundamentals, such as long-term classes, basic classes, advanced classes, intensive classes, etc. It is best to choose one-to-one IELTS courses, which will be more targeted in teaching and have significant learning effects. If the basis is different, take a spoonful approach, then you need to stay away.


What services can be provided for students A professional study abroad IELTS training institution will provide students with a lot of professional services. For example: IELTS writing, IELTS speaking opportunities and so on. If an overseas IELTS training agency can provide these services throughout the entire IELTS learning process, then basically meet the standards, then you need to call the consultation, or go to their free trial lessons to see how effective. In short, if you want to choose a good overseas IELTS training institution, you must not be anxious and blind

Matters needing attention

Shopping around is the right strategy


To find out more about your teacher, ask for more information from your classmates and friends