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How to choose easily absorbed baby milk powder

2018-03-17 03:12:27

The beginning of autumn has arrived, the weather is about to turn cool, the air is beginning to dry, and the baby who is sensitive to the external environment will have a higher probability of not easily absorbing nutrition, and even fire. How do you choose baby milk powder that is easy to absorb?


The higher the OPO, the better, and the structural fat promotes the digestion of lipid nutrition. The baby needs less unsaturated fatty acids in the milk powder, so the formula milk powder adjusts the structure of fat, and chooses vegetable oil containing more unsaturated fatty acids to adjust the proportion of fat in the formula milk powder, that is, OPO formula milk powder. Compared with ordinary formula milk powder, the biggest feature of OPO formula milk powder is its fatty acid structure. SN-2 palmitic acid in breast milk accounts for 70%, while that in ordinary formula milk powder is only 10%. OPO formula simulates the molecular structure of breast milk lipids through enzymatic lipid exchange technology, so that the ratio of 2 palmitic acid is as high as 1. This makes the formula closer to the level of breast milk and easier to digest and absorb. (OPO chemical name: 1, 3-dioleic acid 2-palmitate triglyceride).


With double hydrolyzed protein is conducive to baby digestion, absorption and reduce the risk of allergy Hydrolyzed protein is the use of enzymatic hydrolysis of milk protein moderate hydrolysis, the protein into small molecular peptide chain fragments, thereby reducing the sensitivity of the protein, so that the milk powder is easy to be absorbed by the baby's intestine. Among them, whey protein is the highest nutritional value. In general, breast milk contains 60% of whey protein, so babies with pure breast milk have less soft stool. Whey is rich in cysteine and methionine, which maintain antioxidant levels in the body. Experimental studies have proved that taking whey protein concentrate can promote humoral and cellular immunity, so whey protein is a very good immune-boosting protein.


Natural oligosaccharides such as GOS/FOS can promote the intestinal health of babies. Breast milk contains a variety of oligosaccharides, which are used to maintain the health of intestinal mucosa and the proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria, improve digestive ability, prevent and relieve constipation. If you see oligosaccharide and galactose oligosaccharide in the nutrition content table of milk powder, try to choose a higher content. Like GOS, FOS, POS (POS: poly fructose), can promote the baby's intestinal health, effectively soften poop, and prevent constipation. With the addition of three prebiotic combinations GOS/FOS/POS, the Xi 'an Zhiheng Joy Series contributes to the intestinal health of your baby.