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How to choose decoration

2018-03-15 20:48:00

In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, many citizens have the idea of buying a house. Buying a house is a big deal, and how to decorate a house is also a big deal, after all, a well-decorated house will accompany you for most of your life. So, how to choose decoration? Is the choice of decoration ranking, or choose relatives or friends recommended?


Whether the renovation project is subcontracted. If the renovation project is subcontracted, then the profit will be reduced by one, the more units handled, the last level of construction team according to the contract requirements of the construction has no profit to earn, but they also want to survive and make money, then only damage the interests of the renovation owners to fill their own interests. Some bad decoration does not even have its own construction team, nor strict construction specifications, and is subcontracted out after receiving the decoration project. To the final decoration owners spent a lot of money, and finally came to the construction of the so-called "elite decoration team". Therefore, the renovation of the project subcontract can not be selected. For the sake of insurance, the decoration owner can indicate that the project shall not be subcontracted when signing the decoration contract, otherwise the decoration will bear the corresponding legal responsibility. Recommend a tip, in the actual construction of the house, the decoration owner can specially ask the construction personnel's salary number, by whom? If it is not the decoration hair but the contractor to hair, then the project is highly likely to be subcontracted.


Whether the design fee is free. Many decoration on the market are claimed to be free design, for such decoration suggestions carefully selected. Interior design is a kind of technology, but also a kind of service, if you do not charge the corresponding fees, then where does the designer's income come from, if the income and the design effect are not linked, then how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the designer, the quality of the design drawings and design follow-up and how to ensure it? The market interior design fee is at least 20 yuan per square, seemingly free design costs to the auxiliary material, in disguise to increase the unit price of the auxiliary material, if it involves additional decoration additions, the final loss or decoration owners.


Three: Whether the quotation of decoration is detailed and specific. See whether the decoration quotation is detailed and specific, whether there are obvious missing items, and whether the specific brand and specifications of the materials used are listed. Try to replace all the auxiliary materials on the quotation sheet with other well-known brands, and then compare the price increase can see the moisture of the quotation sheet. If time permits, decoration owners can go to understand the average price level of decoration market accessories.


Four: Investigate whether the construction site is orderly. Inspect the field decoration project to see whether the construction waste can be cleared in time, and whether the construction site is standardized and tidy and orderly. If the carpentry or paint project has begun construction, then pay attention to whether it is pungent after entering the house, so as to check whether the material is environmentally friendly and harmful. For the after-sales problems that the decoration owners are worried about, the owners generally do not say that their decoration quality is not good in front of the construction personnel. If you really want to see the reputation of the decoration is good or bad, you can ask the owner of the decoration for the quality of the attitude, if most of the decoration owners have taken the initiative to say satisfied, then you can rest assured to choose the decoration; You can also see more news from the Internet, if there is no official website, how can people be convinced.


Five: Decoration in the local reputation. If there are many people opposed to this decoration, then choose carefully; If you search for the information on the Internet, all negative information, then choose carefully; If you can't even search the official website, and there is a lack of information on the official website of the enterprise, then choose carefully. Like another decoration to inquire about the decoration, if you turn your nose up, then choose carefully; If the evaluation is fair, then it can be considered.


Six: Whether the decoration is perfect after sale. A after-sales representative of this guarantee for the quality of decoration, is responsible for the quality of their own decoration. Therefore, choose a decoration must be clear about its after-sales scope and service area, whether the problem is solved in time.