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How to choose baby milk powder? 5 tips to help you buy quality baby formula

2018-03-17 04:48:29

The baby with poor resistance is easy to get sick, many mothers are very worried and distressed, how to enhance the baby's resistance? Some mothers are anxious to go to the doctor, make up for the baby's calcium, hoping that the baby's resistance will be enhanced in the short term. In fact, the enhancement of resistance should be concerned from the moment you choose milk powder. Breast milk is the mother to give the baby natural, the most ideal food, it can not only provide the baby with balanced nutrition, but also contains a large number of immune substances, can increase the baby's resistance. But if exclusive breastfeeding is not possible, the mother must carefully choose a formula that can supply enough nutrients to the baby's immune system. Formula contains sufficient and reasonable nutrients, which can meet the nutritional needs of babies and maintain normal growth and development and immune system function. But the selection of formula milk powder knowledge, to choose a good formula milk powder, to consider the brand, nutrition, is suitable for the baby, etc., so many mothers in the face of a variety of milk powder on the market sometimes feel "powerless", the following small series for you to sum up a few more useful tips to buy.

The selection of high-quality formula milk powder can refer to the following five criteria

Rich in nutrients related to resistance, such as prebiotics, nucleotides, selenium, DHA, etc.


Rich and balanced nutrition, such as appropriate protein, calcium, iron, vitamins, etc.


Scientific proportion of nutrients, high-quality protein ratio, casein: whey protein is 4:6, calcium phosphorus ratio is close to 2:1 and so on. ​


The baby should have no side effects such as constipation and diarrhea after eating, and the weight and height indicators should increase normally.


The use of scientific and advanced production processes to ensure the nutritional value of nutrients, such as the addition of microencapsulated DHA.

Matters needing attention

Compared with ordinary milk powder, formula milk powder removes part of the casein and increases the whey protein. Among them, alpha-whey protein is the only whey protein component that can bind to metals and calcium. The protein in breast milk is 27% alpha-whey protein, which can effectively reduce the burden of the baby's kidneys and promote brain development.


In addition, the baby who eats breast milk has good resistance, because the breast milk contains an important substance nucleotide, nucleotide can enhance the baby's disease resistance, and mothers can refer to the nutritional composition of the above standards when purchasing milk powder.