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How to choose a watch that suits you

2018-04-08 19:12:22

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day two festivals are coming, a few days ago for the young people at home and for themselves to buy a table, thought of the problem of table selection, in the process of the player table, there are some experiences, put forward for friends reference.


Watch, watch selection, fashion, appropriate.


First, choose a watch that suits your skin color and body type people have a variety of skin tones, as far as the yellow race is concerned, the skin also has a depth, the skin is darker in the choice of the basic tone of the watch, can not choose pink or light green, otherwise, the wrist and the watch color contrast will appear very confusing, no sense of layer; People with dark brown skin should not choose brown, dark green, otherwise, the color of the table will not be shown, a dark tone on the wrist; And people with fairer skin, it is easier to choose the basic color of the table, but according to personality, age factors, choose more suitable; Yellow skin, it is best to stay away from red and yellow, otherwise wearing a watch will make people feel strange, in short, the color of the watch to coordinate with the color of the skin on the wrist, it looks comfortable. From the body point of view, it is tall and robust, it is best to choose a large surface, the geometric figure composed of the bracelet and the grain is thick, it looks more magnificent, and the sturdy body type is suitable for wearing a rugged style watch; And the body is smaller and thin, should choose the dial is smaller and thinner, away from the large surface, the watch is thick, smart people, should have a smart watch to match, it will appear delicate, sensitive, lively. Large watches can increase people's strong momentum, and small watches can make people appear restrained and modest.


Choose a watch consistent with their usual dress is worn on the wrist, however, wearing a watch is not only look at the wrist, in the choice of watches, to take into account their usual wear style, just like choosing clothes, shoes and hats, bags, umbrellas, etc., the choice of watches should also be consistent with the overall dress, decoration in style, Table style, basic color, composition, etc., to be unified and coordinated with your temperament and wear style, transmission or cheongsam, it is not suitable to bring digital quartz watch, because such watches have no gear system, directly to the liquid crystal (LCD) to display the time, the digital flavor is too strong, reminiscent of the digital age, wearing classical clothing is not suitable to bring; For example, according to the strap material has different materials, colors, the strap is made of leather, then the color of the strap should be consistent with the color of the shoes or bags, and the style of coordination.


Choose to meet their own use of the function of the watch is not what kind of table, is the world ten tables, or economic tables, mechanical automatic watches, or electronic watches, etc., the most important function of the table is timing, therefore, the watch used in formal occasions, not the pointer, the jump type or the time type, should have the timing of this function, at least should be accurate, minutes, Can be accurate to the second of course better, this is the basic requirements, then, according to your needs, to choose other auxiliary functions, temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, blood pressure, pace, etc., for most people, the function of the watch to be less and fine, to have practical value, of course, if you are in the set table, you can choose all kinds of tables, as long as you are interested, Enough money to buy it.


Choose your own suitable to buy the grade of taste of watches watches have a variety of categories of grades, generally divided into the following watches: superwatches: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars, Breguet, Haujue, Parma Johnny, Blanco (complex), Athens (complex), Flanged Muller (complex), Girardi (complex), Grassuti (specific); First class: Rolex, Chopard, Piaget, Cartier, IWC, Jaeger-Lecoultre. Second class: Zhenli, Kunlun, Zunda, Ruibao, Panerai, Omega, Dupi Xiao Den, Yubao. Second class Class: Tycamel (fake Rolex hey hey), Tag Heuer, PAUL PICOT, MARTIN, BRAUN, Master, Le Merle, Porsche, IKEPOD, Schauberstein, EBERHARD, Vergen, Bvlgari (Bulgari). Second class: Radar, Movado, Fianna, Shangmei, Soman, Portley, Aiden, Longines, Fulis, Menava, Jacques, Tima, Sinn, Rena, Sheenech, Stova, SOTHIS, Bosing, etc. To choose the right one according to your own love, route, economic strength, character and temperament, of course, if you can withstand the economic strength, it is also to buy several, wear on different occasions, but this is already a "big money" choice.


Choose a watch that suits your price if you are not so financially able to bear it, you must not be able to hold on to face and buy a famous watch to wear. You can choose a watch that is very similar to the genuine one in appearance, operation, quality and workmanship. Choose a watch with ETA movement, although it is not a genuine watch in the real sense. But can be comparable to genuine watches, good quality, now many watches in appearance also do quite well, much cheaper than the counter price, wear is also very tangible, reasonable price, wear will be more comfortable, than death to face, overdraft hard to endure much better.


Choose workmanship and good quality watches a lot of watches, many brands, different prices, there are too many watches to choose from, however, the brand is not the only standard to distinguish between good and bad watches, want to buy a satisfactory watch, the most important thing is to look at the workmanship and quality, you can identify a watch from the following aspects: 1, the surface and the style, color, style of the watch chain are coordinated, and look very pleasant; 2, the case is smooth reflective or fine frosted very uniform, can not see the obvious sand holes and scratches, the surface, the left and right sides of the chain Angle symmetry, no skewness. 3. The screwing between the back cover and the upper shell should be absolutely tight, and there should be no small or large gaps. 4, the distance between the case and the ring on both sides should be equal, and the depth of the hole is appropriate to ensure that the ring is not easy to fall off. 5, the dial and pointer coating finish is better, there can be no markings, dial scale lines or luminous points complete, symmetrical, accurate positioning. 6, the correct safety gap should exist between the needle and the needle and the mirror and the dial. 7, if it is a mechanical watch, the balance wheel should have full flexibility, a kinetic energy to feel its sensitivity.

Matters needing attention

Be careful when buying a watch and choose a good one that suits you!