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How to choose a two-barrel washing machine

2018-03-23 01:36:01

Washing machine is one of the most common appliances in our household appliances, many people buy washing machines are to buy the brand, but do not know what kind of washing machine is suitable for themselves, the following is a brief introduction to the purchase method of double bucket washing machine.


First look. Mainly from two aspects, one is to see whether the inner wall of the barrel is smooth, whether the gap between the wheel and the barrel is uniform, and whether there are unnecessary inlay pieces in the barrel or on the wheel. At present, in the double-barrel washing machine sold on the market, some products in order to pursue visual fancy, add a lot of inlays on the inner wall of the barrel and the wheel, which does not improve the washing effect, but will increase the wear of clothes, and for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria in the caulking. The second is to see the wire, to open the back cover of the washing machine to see the wire. The washing machine wire should have sleeve protection, and the wire protection skin is thick, no leakage, safe and reliable.


The second pressure. Washing machine shell material is very important, must ensure that the washing machine is strong, strong and durable, poor quality washing machine cover material is not good, slightly pressed to break; Good washing machine cover material pay attention to, can not be broken.


The third discount. When the double-barrel washing machine dehydrates, the bucket is rotated at high speed, and the inner cover of the bucket has the role of safety protection. If the double-barrel washing machine does not remove the inner cover of the bucket, it must not be purchased, and the inner cover should be made of soft transparent materials and folded constantly.


The fourth pouring. The working environment of the washing machine is wet with water, in order to ensure the safety of the working process, the washing machine must be separated from water and electricity, and the washing machine timer should not leak after watering, and it can still operate normally to truly achieve the separation of water and electricity.