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How to choose a jade bracelet

2018-03-17 22:24:43

I always felt that jade bracelets were very old, and women of my mother's age liked to wear them. But now began to appreciate jade bracelets, is it because just after the birthday, and one year older, really the older the older the jade? Ha ha, just kidding. Like jade bracelet is regardless of age, as long as you like can take, the important thing is that you like. So how to choose a jade bracelet?


Jade bracelet




To see the good lubrication of jade bracelet jade is very lubricated, not jade bracelet or jade pendant, are worn longer more oily. Just look at the bracelet feel is bright hair oil, touch with the hand, smooth and delicate feeling immediately.


Look at the color of the jade bracelet and then look at the color of the jade bracelet, the good jade color is very bright, not green, or milky white, or pale blue green, are very clear. Holding the bracelet in the light of a light, like amber like transparent, this must be a good jade bracelet.


Look at the density of the structure of the jade bracelet what is the density of the jade bracelet, this is really difficult to express in language. Some inferior jade workmanship is very rough, but as long as the surface is smooth, outsiders can not understand. However, careful study may see that the texture of jade is not strong enough, which is not enough density.


Look at the carving technology of jade bracelets and then look at the carving technology of jade bracelets. Before an expensive jade ware is made into a jade bracelet, it must be designed by a professional designer, and then the master's careful polishing can produce the finished product. Would never make a bracelet.


Look at the purity of the jade bracelet because the anti-counterfeiting technology is too strong, some natural impurities in the jade bracelet can also be imitated, which is not easy to identify. If you want to see whether the jade bracelet is pure enough, you have to take some technical measures and observe it with the help of instruments to distinguish it.


See whether the jade bracelet likes to say so much, want to choose a good jade bracelet is really not easy ah. But said too much, there is one of the most critical did not say, that is, you like. You like this jade bracelet, it is common and cheap, but also because of your love and charm.