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How to choose a good car sound insulation experience sharing

2018-04-12 08:00:39

Car noise will affect the comfort of our driving cars, but in the face of many sound insulation materials, how should we choose? Tao Sheng believes that it should be identified and selected from the aspects of materials, processes and services. Here is how to choose the car sound insulation in detail.


Automotive sound insulation engineering is mainly divided into damping shock absorption, sound absorption filter, sealing sound insulation, filling reinforcement and other categories. Among these materials, the most important is the damping plate in the damping. Because the noise inside the car is mainly the sound emitted by the resonance of the vehicle during the driving process and the sound emitted by the car engine, the performance of the shock absorber plate has the greatest impact on the noise reduction effect of the vehicle. In general, the shock absorbers used on automobiles are divided into three categories according to their main components: 1), asphalt; 2), plastics; 3), rubber. Among them, asphalt and plastic shock absorbers have been gradually phased out in developed countries due to environmental reasons, and rubber shock absorbers are currently the mainstream products used in automotive sound insulation projects, and usually regular brands are using rubber shock absorbers. The easiest way to distinguish the above materials is to grill a small piece of side material with a lighter and sniff it out. In addition, from the thickness point of view, there are generally two kinds of 2mm and 3mm, of which 3mm has the best effect; From the appearance point of view, there are mainly single glue type and coated type, coated type refers to the rubber plate covered with metal noise reduction aluminum sheet, its shock absorption and noise reduction performance is the best. Secondly, the sound absorption materials used in sound insulation construction are also more important, which are mainly divided into: 1), fiber; 2) Sponges; 3), collodion. According to the thickness of 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and so on. Among them, 10mm thick rubber works best.


Taking the construction process of the door as an example, the installation standards are usually as follows: 1. Simple type: Its practice is only to paste a 2mm thick shock plate narrow strip or small piece in the door panel gold, a standard shock plate can complete the construction of 4 doors, or only paste a layer of ordinary sound insulation cotton in the door panel gold. 2. Economical: The method is to paste two pieces in each door panel gold, and add one more soundproofing cotton between the door interior panel and the panel gold. 3. Standard: The method is to paste a 3mm thick shock-absorbing plate and a 10mm thick soundproof cotton inside each door, and then paste a layer of sound-absorbing cotton between the door interior panel and the panel metal. 4. Enhanced type: The practice is to use a 3mm thick shock plate covered with metal noise reduction aluminum sheet, and attach 10mm thick sound insulation cotton on the shock plate, and then paste 5mm thick sound absorption cotton between the inner plate and the door trim plate, which is also the top. Of course, different construction techniques have different prices. Under normal circumstances, the construction price of the standard door is about 1500 yuan, and the enhanced one is about 2000 yuan. If the price is too high or too low, it should be carefully considered!


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Matters needing attention

Because there are some complete soundproofing system projects on the market at present, and some are only sales materials, the construction should be required to show the authorization certificate issued by the brand licensor when doing soundproofing construction, to clarify whether it is construction authorization or distribution authorization.


In addition to looking at whether the product has independent packaging and whether there is a clear brand logo on the product, it is also necessary to understand whether the construction and the authorized brand can provide a construction quality guarantee.