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How to choose a cradle bed for children

2018-04-12 11:12:22

Children's cradle bed has many functions, a single, shaking bed, rocking chair can change back and forth, the more function the more complex the structure. If there are many functions, pay attention to loading and unloading from one function to another and install them in place; Single function only one, installed, never move, there is no danger.


The purchase of cradle bed should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, the stability of the bed is better. Don't push and it will fall apart. When picking a bed, it is the same as picking furniture, firm is the most important. 2. Do not have protrusions in the cradle bed.


3. Check regularly. During use, the active part of the movable frame should be checked regularly to ensure that it is very reliable in the connection process. The screws and nuts are loose. If the baby exercise hard, whether it will flip over and so on. 4. The surface should be smooth. 5, can move the cradle bed high, low, up and down adjustment, pay attention to grasp the tightness.


6. Read and use the instructions carefully. It will tell you how to install, how to debug. Use more functions, from the cradle to the shaking bed, from the shaking bed to the ordinary bed, how to change? The instructions should be complete and you must understand them. Take a look at the cradle bed assembly to see whether the function is as described in the instructions and whether it is as expected by parents. 7, the raw material is not plastic, wood or spray (spray the surface into plastic), are safe materials. Mainly to see what parents like, generally wooden and spray more. There's less pure plastic. The bars of the bassinet pose no danger to the child, and will not touch or knock him. Shake it because the child is sleeping, if the child is playing standing up will not shake it.