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How to check the authenticity of health care products?

2018-03-15 19:12:04

After years of rapid development, the health products market has gradually grown. However, in the market of health care products, all kinds of false propaganda is overwhelming, then, how to make sure that the health care products purchased are genuine, rather than fake and shoddy products suspected of false propaganda? Here we teach you how to use public trust. End query the authenticity of health care products and related information.



Public trust. End


Open the public credit. Terminal, click on the product selection query.


Click the input box above, enter the company name, health care product name or the approval number on the label to query. Take fish oil for example.


Find health care products with the same brand and name, click to enter the product details page of health care products. Let's take the first item in the list as an example.


Enter the product details page of health care products, you can see the formal information from the country, so that you can check whether the health care products you buy are formal.


In addition, click the arrow of each list to see more basic information and commercial information about health care products.

Matters needing attention

The same method can also be used to query formula milk powder, cosmetics, etc., whether there is relevant approval information


If the purchased product has a bar code on the outer package, you can also try to use the public letter. China scan bar code function for quick query.