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How to care for your hair after dyeing

2018-03-19 01:36:04

Add trendy color to your hair, but it's always hard to avoid the problem of hair fading. In the face of this embarrassment, how can we care for hair color after dyeing to make the hair color more lasting? Now let's listen to how to care for your hair after you dye it.


According to the hair color need to maintain the time to choose hair color Fashion family hair color change, different hair color can be maintained for different time is different. Therefore, you can choose the hair color according to the length of time you want to keep the hair color. "Red has the smallest color molecules so it fades faster, and black has the largest so it fades less quickly," explains Robinson. Other colors fade somewhere in between.


"Just like your skin, your hair color changes in response to the sun's rays, so take care to avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays," says Robinson. In addition to wearing a hat or an umbrella, Robinson recommends using a hair product with SPF to reduce discoloration.


Chlorine will make hair color Beware of chlorine will make hair color, and chlorine is mostly found in swimming pools, so be sure to wash your hair thoroughly after swimming, do not let chlorine dry in your hair, otherwise it can make brown hair bronze, make blonde hair green.


Use shampoo and care products with color protection and color fixing function to make hair color lasting after dyeing hair, the use of shampoo and care products with color protection and color fixing function is a must. Robinson recommends trying Pantene Brilliant ProV shampoo and conditioner.


Regular use of conditioner Robinson says that regular use of conditioner can also be effective in protecting hair color, if you can use twice a week hair treatment, or hair mask treatment to protect your hair, your hair color will be more lasting.