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How to buy train tickets online?

2018-05-14 11:12:24

Since there is a means of transportation, people's travel is much more convenient, but in some cases, to buy a ticket also have to run to the station or the agent to buy a ticket, it is a bit troublesome, so later there is an online ticket, you can buy a ticket at home.




A computer with Internet access


Open the browser, search for 12306, click "12306 railway train ticket online booking only official website - customer service", you must click on the official website is correct.


If you have not registered 12306 before, you can click on the online ticket user registration,


Fill in the information and activate the account step by step according to the prompts on the website


After registration, click to purchase tickets, enter the ticket page, click the login in the upper right corner, and log in the newly registered account


The information illegally crawled from experience


Check your train is that train, click on the back of the blue booking, and then select the seat, ticket type, passenger information, etc., if you did not add passenger information, click down the new passengers, add well, if it has been added, check the box next to the corresponding name, let click submit order, there will be a check information box, confirm whether it is correct. If you're right, click OK. If you're wrong, go back and modify.


Click online payment, according to the online bank you have, the corresponding payment is completed, after the payment is completed, return to the website to check whether the payment has been successful, indicating that the ticket has been successfully purchased

Matters needing attention

To book tickets on 12306's official website, don't be fooled


You'd better pick up your ticket an hour or two before you leave