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How to buy things online

2018-02-21 17:36:00

Don't go to the mall yourself, as long as you click the mouse, you can buy cheaper products than the mall. Online shopping, which was feared and suspected just a few years ago, has quietly developed into something as convenient as supermarket shopping.


Top 10 bestselling shopping sites:   Net (the leading online platform for personal trading), Eachnet (the world's largest online trading 0, Baba (the world's leading online trading market), Pai net (Tencent's website brand 0, net (China's largest Chinese book online 0, (one of the largest Chinese online), Zhongguancun Online, Cloud net (the largest digital card e-commerce platform), Huicong net (China's leading The first B2B e-commerce website), colorful Valley (the world's largest Chinese sex toys online), in addition to (electrical appliances), I group network (not urgent small items), the official website of well-known foreign brands "direct purchase" and so on.


There is a trick to secure online shopping: Since the Internet is a virtual world, everything can be done in a virtual identity, so it is easy to breed fraud and other phenomena. However, the rapid development of global online payment technology in the past five years, from the main sector to e-commerce enterprises have attached great importance to this issue, and have launched a series of initiatives. For example, some provinces and cities have launched digital certificates, if there is fraud, you can also find specific suspects; E-commerce Baba's "honesty Pass", ebay's real-name registration, and some websites to implement the first compensation system, etc., have achieved certain results in e-commerce credit; On the banking side, the "VISA verification" service launched by China Merchants Bank is striving to strengthen the security of online transactions and payments, and minimize the possibility of online crimes.


It is best to use goods with a larger purchase amount. And your online banking to do binding, and online banking must apply, the premise is that I go to the bank counter for online banking. When it first emerged in 2003, the lack of convenient and reliable payment channels was the main problem facing the development of e-commerce. At that time, budding online shopping mostly relied on offline face-to-face payments or bank transfers to complete transactions. The introduction of secured transaction method conveniently solves the trust problem in online payment, and also creates the possibility for the security of online shopping market. By 2007, the registered users had exceeded 100 million, the daily trading volume reached 450 million yuan, and the number of daily transactions reached 2 million. By 2007, the total online shopping market had reached 56.1 billion, and in 2008 it exceeded 100 billion. Currently, paypal, the world's largest electronic payment company, has about 180 million users worldwide. In the next 3-5 years, with the continuous expansion of China's Internet user base and the culture of trust accepted by more users even around the world, the pace of catching up with paypal as a basic Internet application will be faster and faster.