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How to buy the right car insurance for your car

2018-03-16 12:48:20

Now car insurance is full of, since enough to buy their own car, almost every day there is insurance to sell car insurance, so how to tailor a suitable insurance for your car?


1 car


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1, more than a few car insurance because car insurance is everywhere, the choice is naturally more, do not listen to the salesman's propaganda, to understand more about a few formal car insurance, compare its price, quality, reputation and other vital information.


2, car insurance classification At present, car insurance is generally divided into two categories, one: compulsory insurance, the other is commercial insurance. Compulsory insurance is a must to buy, its protection level is low, but also should buy some commercial insurance.


3, the purchase of main insurance and some other insurance the purchase of new car main insurance is still necessary, one is the vehicle damage insurance, that is, the loss of the car body caused by non-human natural factors, the second is the third liability insurance, the new car due to the run-in period and driving proficiency is different, also belongs to the compulsory insurance.


4, other kinds of insurance have theft insurance, natural insurance, scratch insurance and other new car spontaneous combustion lamp situation will not be common, so natural insurance can be bought over a few years, scratch insurance can be bought, because the new car is more cherish, I am afraid of scratches, damage, a little attention will be damaged, so you can buy.

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Buy car insurance according to your needs