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How to buy children's toys? What toys are suitable for children?

2018-03-28 11:13:00

Children's hands-on and thinking ability should be cultivated from an early age. As the saying goes, three years old is 80, and children's imitation and learning perception ability are particularly strong in early childhood. I believe that every parent wants to have a healthy, smart baby. So how to cultivate the baby's thinking and practical ability? At present, for the development of children's intelligence, many educational toys are specially designed, which can not only cultivate children's thinking and practical ability, but also enrich children's daily life. At present, there are many educational toys designed for children, which can enrich the baby's imagination and help intellectual development. It can cultivate baby's eye-hand coordination ability, so that baby's spatial imagination, finger flexibility, eye-hand coordination ability can be trained to a certain extent. Here is the topic of purchasing educational toys, and share your personal experience. Method/Step 1 Check the specifications and safety of toys When parents choose toys for their babies, they should check whether the toy packaging indicates the manufacturer, location, main material of the toy, and product certification. You should also carefully observe whether there are safety warnings on the instructions, or the dangers implied by the toy, and what matters need to be paid attention to when using the toy. Avoid any danger to your baby when playing with toys. 2 See the applicable age range of toys General toy instructions will indicate the applicable age range of the toy, you can choose according to the age of the baby, you can choose the corresponding toy according to the age. This choice not only allows the baby to grow gradually and healthily, but also avoids the dangers that may occur when the baby uses products of other ages. 3 See the toy installation diagram for older children, the difficulty of the toy will be a little more complicated. Walkers, children's bicycles, computer learning machines, assembling educational toys and so on. In the purchase to carefully read the use of the product and precautions. If it is an assembled educational toy, you should also view the assembly program diagram to understand the assembly steps of the toy. 4 Check the quality of toys In order to create a comfortable, safe and healthy atmosphere for the baby, when we choose toys for the baby, we should pick up the toy carefully touch to see if it is possible to scratch, stab the baby's delicate skin edges and dead corners. If there are stuffed toys such as flannelette dolls, feel whether the texture of the filling is uniform, there is no hard object, foreign body. Check that small parts of the toy that may be swallowed by children, such as the eyes and nose, are securely installed. The above purchase methods can help parents choose the right baby's educational toys, which can make the baby happy and develop the baby's intelligence, and is really beneficial to the healthy growth of the baby. In short, I hope you can carefully remember the above purchasing skills and methods, so that you can buy a satisfying educational small toy oh. In addition, I also hope that everyone should shop around a lot, so that there will be more opportunities to buy a suitable educational small toy. If you still do not know how to buy, you can take a look at the following reference link for everyone recommended oh. Finally, I wish you all a happy life.