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How to buy baby shoes

2018-03-13 16:00:00

The baby's skin is delicate and needs good protection. Protecting your baby's small feet requires comfortable socks, as well as shoes that fit the foot size. Therefore, buying shoes for the baby is also a very careful thing for mom and dad, so how should mom and dad buy baby shoes? Do not underestimate the size of only a palm baby shoes, in fact, there are a lot of pay attention to the purchase of baby shoes. Many parents want to buy a pair of comfortable and affordable baby shoes for their babies, but most of them do not know how to buy baby shoes for their babies. Relevant experts recommend: In the choice of baby shoes, the following four basic principles should be followed: The fabric of baby shoes is suitable for natural leather Experts recommend: In natural leather, and soft cowhide, sheepskin is the best choice. Because they have good permeability and hygroscopicity. As far as possible to choose a quiet, soft cotton fabric. The sole of the baby shoe should be a raw material with good elasticity, high shock absorption, anti-slip and excellent wear resistance, such as the tendon sole, because it can absorb the shock of the heel and the brain. Finally, you also need to pay attention to the work of the shoes, the work should need to be fine, the baby loves to move, if the work is not fine, there is no doubt that the wages shorten the application life of the shoes. Moderate size, slightly larger suitable for parents must pay attention to: infants should not choose shoes that are too small. Because the shoes are too small will squeeze the bones, affect growth and development, but also may wear the skin to cause infection. Shoes should not be too large, so the feet will be tired, but also easily fall. The right way is: children who are in the growth and development period, the feet grow very fast, so you need to choose shoes that are about 1/2 inch larger than the feet, so that after wearing the shoes, the child will not feel the feeling of being trapped on the feet. Many baby shoes have a raised cushion in the center of the foot, such a technique seems to be to help babies prevent flat feet, but such a design not only does not help the development of the baby's feet, but also plays a positive counter-effect. Experts said: the reason is that it reduces the arch of the stretch development space, if worn for a long time, children may form flat feet. In addition, experts also said that the soles of baby shoes also need to have the appropriate thickness and hardness, the thickness should be about 5 to 8 mm. Some parents always think that baby shoes should be as soft as possible when choosing shoes for babies, but experts said: this idea is very inaccurate. The hardness of the shoe should be moderate, otherwise it will not be effective to set the foot. In addition, because the foot is not supported in the shoe, it is easy to damage the ankle joints and ligaments. Another is because the baby's bones, joints, ligaments and muscles are in the growth and development period, so the upper is not too hard.