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How to buy a used imported motorcycle?

2018-01-07 20:48:00

Want to buy a used imported motorcycle, first determine their favorite model, brand. Here I say again, not all brand-name cars are good, the case by case analysis. Every car is in a different state, so don't be blindsided by the brand.


Purchase notes:


Imported motorcycles must be purchased with care. The following is the basic method of purchasing second-hand imported motorcycles: First, observe the appearance: observe the motorcycle to be purchased, and whether various parts are complete; Wheel, frame and other main parts are distorted, deformed, plastic parts are damaged; Engine joints, carburetors, shock absorbers, etc., should have no obvious oil leakage or oil leakage (oil leakage surface is generally oily); Since most second-hand motorcycles have been renovated, special attention should be paid to the old and new degree of other important parts. The production date of a motorcycle can generally be seen from parts such as the engine, frame and carburetor. The engine and frame generally have the production date and model of the manufacturer: for example, TZR1259602885 means the TZR125 car produced in 96, and the production serial number is 02885, that is, the 2885 car in 96. The single model production of Japan's four is generally not too large, with an annual output of about 30-50,000 units, so it can be inferred that the car is a product at the beginning of 96. Motorcycle design life of 10 years (100,000 kilometers), do not buy close to the service life of the motorcycle, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.


    Static check: test motorcycle steering system is flexible, there is no stuck phenomenon.


    Check whether the motorcycle brake system works normally and forcefully (push the motorcycle forward), and whether the brake pads and brake discs wear have reached the limit; There is no difference in sound, stuck phenomenon. Check whether the shock absorber works reliably and whether it is blocked; Check whether the shock absorbers on both sides work in the same way.


    Check whether the control mechanism such as shifting is flexible and reliable. Check whether the fuel gauge, indicator light, turn signal, horn, etc. are working properly. Check whether the engine starts smoothly and reliably, and whether there is noise such as abnormal sound of the starting motor.


Check whether the tachometer, pressure gauge, temperature gauge and other instruments are working properly. Check whether the lighting system is working properly.


    Determine whether the operation of the engine is normal and whether the speed is stable. Slightly twist the throttle to check whether the engine speed rises synchronously. The engine has no abnormal valve noise and no odor (burning oil smell or strong gasoline smell). The burning oil is generally a problem with the piston part of the engine cylinder head, and the strong smell of gasoline is generally a failure of the carburetor and air filter.  


    Observe whether the color of the exhaust gas discharged by the exhaust gas is normal, and the normal color should be a colorless gas with slightly white smoke. If there is black smoke, it may be engine oil burning; If there is white smoke, it may be that the air filter and carburetor are faulty; If there is blue smoke, it may be gasoline. Test ride inspection, check whether the motorcycle shift is smooth, reliable, and there is no noise.


    Whether the motorcycle is smooth in the process of driving, there is no deviation, pendulum phenomenon. The clutch has no slippage, incomplete separation and other phenomena, the throttle has no impulse phenomenon and there is no abnormal friction sound.


At present, the second-hand imported motorcycles on the market are mostly the products of Japan's Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. However, due to the different sources of each car, its quality is also different, so it is necessary to carefully buy. 1. Whole: As mentioned earlier, the car is a whole. Don't look at how big and new the car is, first determine whether the main components are original. Not familiar with the car, don't be afraid of losing face, with a high-definition picture of the original car, front and rear shock absorber, instrument, wheel hub, exhaust and some obvious features, the same carefully check. And say what modified exhaust, see if it is not the whole modified there are 80% fake, or their own blind looking. In terms of performance, not only will there be no improvement, it may even be negative. I once saw a man selling P3, saying that he was in a hurry to use money, and sold it cheaply for 9000. I looked at the car again: the frame and hood of P2, the machine of P1, only the head and wheel hub are P3. I don't want $2,000 for this stupid car, let alone $9,000. I've also seen a P3 with a P4 head and an NC30 rear single rocker arm sold as a P4. I asked him, didn't you say P4? Why not the digital watch and magnetic card start, he actually told me that this is the track version of the P4. Say anything to sell a car! 2. Scars: Make sure that the original is the original, do not go to the appearance of the car is new, find where the car has obvious scars. There is a scratch on the side cap of the car, and the owner 100% tells you that it is fine. Ignore him, see where the wound is going, < III > A wound like this that stands up, well, it's upside down, it's not a problem, a wound like this, it's 100% caused by the side slide. In fact, a little injury is inevitable, but if you see the frame or the front and rear shock has the scars caused by the fall, or simply there are traces of new welding, not how you like the car, once found, it must not be. It is not a matter of aesthetics, such injuries on the frame of a motorcycle can kill people! 3. Frame: In addition to what is said above, but also to see whether the frame is right or wrong, the front and rear wheels are not in a straight line, and the wheels are not in front and back of the shock absorber (it may be tilted to one side before and after, you look at it in a straight line). Don't take it if you don't. 4. Engine: See, when I pick a car, the engine ranks fourth, meaning that if any of the first three items are not qualified, the engine is good this car can not want. Take the car first, see if it runs smoothly. After the car to observe the speed, do not look at how low the speed is, 500 is not necessarily good, 1500 is not necessarily bad, see the stability, the pointer jumps back and forth, the heart will make a question mark, then listen to the sound, listen to the engine has the same sound, such as small chain, valve, drum, etc. have the same sound, you want to ask me how I can not give you to learn, Do not make any unusual clatter or clicking noises. Look and feel the engine for any unusual tremors. At this time, waiting for the bus should be almost hot, feel the temperature of the exhaust head, afraid of hot you splash water, feel whether the temperature is the same, or observe the evaporation of water vapor is not the same, if not the same which cool is the cylinder is not working well, may be a small problem may be a big problem. Gently twist the accelerator, do not refuel, make the exhaust sound very large, there is no practical significance, but cover up the noise of the engine. A lot of cars are sold by this deception, as if the bigger the sound of the car, the more like. When you twist the throttle, observe whether the engine revolution is rising and falling quickly, and observe whether the exhaust gas is emitting black smoke and blue smoke. Black smoke is too thick mixing ratio, in some cases can also be solved by adjusting the mixing ratio, and there is no solution at all. The blue smoke represents burning oil, which is the phenomenon of engine aging, and it can be said that there is no way to return to the sky. When the car is completely hot, turn off the ignition switch, and then restart the car to see if it is smooth. If you can not start 80% engine aging caused by the hot car without waiting for speed, no treatment. 5. Test ride: When the above issues have been checked out, then take a test ride. After sitting in the car and righting the car, observe whether the tire deviates. Move the car back and forth to see if the front brakes are sensitive. When ready, pinch the clutch, step on the next gear, send clutch, then feel whether the clutch plate can be clearly separated and combined, refueling there is no engine revolution rise but the car is not strong clutch slip phenomenon, and try to try each gear, see if there is no gear, if there is a problem with the gear box. Do not force after straightening the handle on the road, see if there is any deviation, test brake sensitivity and whether the front shock absorber sinking action is consistent when braking, and there is no obvious sense of collision. If there was, it could have been re-calibrated after the accident, or it could have run out of damping oil. And look at the brake is not nodding, if yes, first check the screw, that is, in the front of the frame fixed the faucet, see if it is tightened, if it is tightened, there is this problem, then the car's first kiss is estimated to be gone, it may still be a hot kiss. END

Matters needing attention

In the purchase of imported second-hand motorcycles, you must go through the relevant procedures. The motorcycle is fully tested for handling performance, acceleration performance, braking performance, stability and comfort. To avoid unnecessary losses.