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How to buy a satisfactory jade bracelet

2018-03-17 12:48:44

How to buy a satisfactory jade bracelet, five tips for you




Look at the style. At present, there are three popular jade bracelet styles: round bracelet (traditional), flat bracelet (universal) and oval bracelet (also known as "princess bracelet"). Round bracelet is a traditional style, suitable for middle-aged and elderly women to wear; Flat bracelet and princess bracelet is a new type of bracelet, suitable for professional women, wear to work will not affect the work. Consumers buy mainly from the individual's body type and work style. Thin wrist, choose round bracelet and flat bracelet is more suitable; Wrist fat, choose flat type is better; The wrist is wider, then choose the royal princess bracelet is more beautiful. From the market sales situation, the current flat bracelet is more favored by women.


Look at defects. Players should carefully observe whether the jade bracelet has cracks (refers to secondary broken cracks, often transverse distribution), and make a comprehensive observation of the front, back, inside and outside of each jade bracelet, especially pay attention to whether the red line covered by the jade bracelet is cracked or damaged, because serious cracks are the fatal injury of the jade bracelet. Use a keen eye to find out the flaws in the jade bracelet (including black or yellow spots on the jade bracelet, red "stone flowers" and the original jade pattern that is not broken). At the same time, pay attention to whether the shape of the jade bracelet is very round, whether the thickness of the strip diameter is uniform, and whether the polishing is satisfactory.


Look at the color. Jade to find the right person. The color of jade must first like themselves, green is not suitable for everyone. Some people like purple jade; Some people like yellow jade; Some people like five-colored jade. Not what color, young women had better choose a brighter color and transparency good bracelet, so it appears young, vibrant, full of vitality; Older women should choose a slightly darker color bracelet.


Look at the water head. There is a saying: "jade bracelet to see the kind, jade pendant to see the color". Visible bracelet the importance of water head. Water is good, that is, "kind" good bracelets to wear on the hand, can make women become younger and energetic, dry bracelets to wear on the hand, no water, people appear old. Therefore, it is recommended that women take the water head as the primary factor in the selection of jade bracelets.


Look at the size. Pay attention to whether the size of the mouth of the jade bracelet and the thickness of the strip diameter meet the needs, which is related to the fat and age of the buyer. For example, middle-aged and elderly people prefer a thicker strip diameter, while young people prefer a thin strip. The selection method of the inner diameter size of the bracelet is mainly based on the softness and hardness of the human hand bone, as long as the bracelet can pass the metacarpal bone of the hand. The inner diameter of the bracelet is generally divided into three kinds: small ring diameter 50-54 mm, standard ring diameter 55-57 mm, medium and large ring diameter 58-60 mm, large ring diameter more than 60 mm. The most beautiful thing about wearing a bracelet is that there is a slight swimming distance between the bracelet and the wrist, and the more fit the better.

Matters needing attention

The role of jade bracelet generally has two aspects: one is to show identity, highlight personality; The second is to beautify the arm, the jade bracelet is generally worn on the left hand and attached to the wrist. Only pairs of emerald bracelets can be worn on both wrists.