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How to build a home security system that works for you

2018-04-26 20:48:50

In recent years, with the rise of people's security awareness, home security has become a concern for every family. However, sometimes relying solely on the security measures of the property management of the community can not fully meet the security needs of each owner, especially in some of the more high-end villa communities, or those who need to take care of the elderly or children in the family, how to build a suitable for their own home security system is also a problem that many owners are considering.


Monitoring alarm


Digital surveillance camera


1. Electronic fence/fence Electronic fence or electronic fence is installed on the courtyard wall or fence products, from the point of view of physical protection, the installation of electronic fence strengthens the height of the courtyard wall, effectively prevent thieves from climbing the wall into the home. From the point of view of technical defense, the current electronic fence uses two adjacent beams of interruption detection detection, through the multi-LED infrared beams to each other, once the block will immediately send an alarm signal to the host. The electronic fence is smaller than the electronic fence, and the detection distance is relatively short, but the induction speed of the two devices can be adjusted, and it is suitable for more fields or to deal with different climates and weather. Electronic wall built-in interemitting infrared grating, lighting and anti-theft two in one, concealed security is more secure. Under normal circumstances, villas, courtyards, etc. are suitable for installing such equipment to enhance security protection.


2. Monitoring alarm indoor monitoring anti-theft alarm system is also the choice of many people. The most common indoor alarm equipment accessories include door and window magnetic, infrared detectors, etc. These devices can be connected to the alarm host. The alarm host can be divided into two types. One is based on the alarm host, which is used with the door magnet, detector, etc., and relies on wireless sensing technology to achieve alarm, and sends alarm information to the owner by line or GSM communication. The effective detection distance of the home infrared detector is 5-10 meters, and the intelligent detector will determine whether it is an illegal intruder or a family pet, so as to avoid frequent false alarms. The other is an independent alarm, such as smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, etc., once the concentration is detected, it will immediately emit a beep alarm sound. These are installed on the kitchen or heating, which can give the owner effective alarm feedback in the first time. For the elderly and children in the home, this kind of alarm system can effectively avoid the corresponding danger.


3. Digital surveillance cameras installed in the home is also a way to prevent theft, in addition, there are children for the safety of the elderly and children in the home to install a remote control surveillance camera. There are two main categories of high-definition surveillance cameras installed at home, one is based on analog monitoring solutions, the other is based on IP network solutions, according to different monitoring needs to choose different monitoring modes.

Matters needing attention

For owners who are not familiar with the new security system, they need to pay more attention to the relevant use and maintenance details, so as not to reduce the level of security protection due to improper installation or use.