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How to blend Meili Island waterproof glue

2018-04-10 08:00:29

Meili Island waterproof glue waterproof plugging construction, new and old roofs, basements, toilets, expansion joints, cracks, internal and external walls and other parts of the waterproof repair project, equipped with advanced plugging waterproof construction machinery and equipment. It has accumulated rich construction experience over the years, and adopts the most advanced high-pressure grouting technology in the plugging process. A set of methods of plugging and waterproofing combined with traditional and modern technology are summarized, which can correctly select materials and reasonably construct according to different situations, and achieve the purpose of completely stopping water. Better at the repair of difficult leakage, waterproof plugging and cure the symptoms and root causes, eliminating the pain of the old roof renovation and the worry of water leakage at home!


Glass glue


White latex drum


(a) Through the water jet flushing, cutting and grinding, the scale can be immediately broken off, and the cleaning speed is several times faster than the traditional chemical methods, sandblasting methods, simple mechanical and manual methods.


(2) The clearance rate of various sewers and sewage channels can reach 100%, and the purification rate can reach more than 95%; The cleaning rate of the heat exchanger can reach more than 95%; The scale removal rate of the boiler is more than 95%, and the cleaning time of each row is 2 to 3 minutes.


(3) The high pressure water jet cleaning cost is only about 1/3 of the chemical cleaning, in the case of continuous uninterrupted, water consumption is 0.8 ~ 4.5 cubic meters /, which is a energy-saving hour.


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(5) Different from chemical cleaning, high-pressure water jet cleaning does not discharge acid and alkali harmful waste liquid, and will not pollute cities, rivers and soil; In addition, high-pressure water jet cleaning is also different from simple physical cleaning, which does not produce a lot of dust and does not pollute the air.


(6) Select the appropriate pressure level, the high pressure water jet will not damage the matrix to be cleaned. It can clean objects with complex shapes and structures, and can be cleaned in narrow Spaces or harsh environments.

Matters needing attention

First, indoor bathroom, kitchen and other waterproof parts of high humidity, more roads, leakage hazards, high rework cost, should be preferred with permanent leakage, seepage, moisture proof effect of waterproof materials.


Second, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free is the basic requirements for indoor waterproof materials. Waterproofing coatings with strong odor are highly toxic and will volatilize benzopyrene and other carcinogens for a long time, and must not be used for indoor waterproofing.


Third, choose a waterproof material with a neutral PH value to avoid the phenomenon of acid return, alkali return, cracking and corrosion of metal parts in the waterproof layer after construction.


Fourth, the waterproof construction in the interior decoration is mostly completed by ordinary plasterers, and the simpler the waterproof materials are, the more they can ensure the quality of waterproof construction.