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How to better choose small circuit breaker is better?

2018-05-12 09:36:34

When it comes to circuit breakers, most non-electrical industry people are estimated to do not know what is, many friends asked me what is the main time I mentioned circuit breaker relays are a face, so this article briefly introduces the role of circuit breakers, after all, in life how we should choose small circuit breakers is better.


The role of the small circuit breaker is the most common, often lived wine, will have this small distribution. In simple terms, the circuit breaker is to protect our power safety, prevent electric shock accidents, and protect the power line in the case of no fault, that is, overload protection and short circuit protection.


Circuit breaker selection method The first is that the rated voltage and rated current of the mini-circuit breaker are not less than the normal working voltage and calculated load current of the line. The setting current of the thermal release device should be equal to the rated current of the controlled load.


The instantaneous trip setting current of the electromagnetic trip device should be greater than the peak current that may occur when the load is working normally. Used to control the motor circuit breaker, its instantaneous trip setting current can be selected according to the formula: Iz≥KIst formula: K is the safety factor, can be 1.5 ~ L7; Ist is the starting current of the motor.


The rated voltage of the undervoltage release device should be equal to the rated voltage of the line.


The limiting on-off capacity of the circuit breaker shall not be less than the maximum short-circuit current of the circuit.