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How to avoid driving school self-study driver's license?

2018-03-24 11:12:01

In recent years, driving school tuition fees can be described as rising, the new policy in 2016 will try to self-study straight test driver's license, you can also take part in the test without driving school, the majority of motorists come and see how to self-study straight test driver's license!


The information illegally crawled from experience


You need to find a car guide, can be seven aunts, relatives and friends, etc., but must be a driver's license for more than 5 years and no fatal traffic accidents, no record of 12 points can become your car guide.


Before you can train on the road, you must first pass the subject 1 test, get a learner's driving certificate and receive a learner's driving badge. Every time you train on the road, please bring your learner's driving certificate and put your learner's driving badge on your private car.


Self-taught road training, please go to the traffic department designated by the road section and time for driving training. Call your local transportation department or go online to check your local self-study section and time information sheet.


Method: Do not need to pass the driving school, you can use the Internet, or a variety of ways to the driver's license test, you can choose the time and venue of the test in accordance with the regulations.


If you cannot book the test within two months, you can choose any other city in the province to take the test of Subject 2 (venue driving) and Subject 3 (road driving).

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