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How to arrange the wedding with wine strategy more cost-effective?

2018-03-19 01:36:00

Every couple is trying to hold a unique and perfect wedding, of course, the wedding reception occupies an important part of the wedding, for the wedding wine arrangement, how do you plan the arrangement? In addition to wedding advice, what is the most cost-effective way to use wine? Or to listen to the small series of sincere advice! [Wedding wine selection] Brand, price, packaging should be considered to drink wedding wine, most people think that as long as the brand name auspicious, packaging festive, moderate price, basically can be used for the wedding, in fact, it is not. The choice of wedding wine to consider several points: first, to consider the brand habits of friends and relatives drinking liquor, product quality is good, to choose well-known brands launched festive wine, such wine quality is guaranteed; Second, the price should be moderate. At present, 30-80 yuan, 100-180 yuan is the mainstream price of wedding wine; Third, the wine itself should be festive. Now there are many red bottles on the market, beautifully designed wine for choice, these professional wedding wine on the wedding banquet, will become a highlight. There are some wine, there is a certain festive auspicious meaning, you can also choose. Generally, it is more appropriate to prepare two bottles of wine per table, but also with some red wine and drinks, to take care of women and children. [Wedding wine] Mainly white wine, with red wine and beer white wine: traditional white wine still has an irreplaceable position in the current wedding banquet, basically in the main position. Alcohol: 52-54 degrees. Quantity per table: One bottle of red wine: fashionable and healthy red wine has become the favorite of wedding wine. Because of its "prosperous, auspicious" meaning is very suitable for the theme of the wedding, so the status of red wine in the wedding banquet is rising. When buying red wine, some new people feel very confused about the choice of taste, in fact, this problem is very easy to solve. Because the wine used for the wedding reception to greet all guests, so avoid too personal, it is best to choose some taste more popular, easier to enter the red wine. If the taste is sweeter and fruity, these tastes are more suitable for the sweet feeling of the wedding banquet. Alcohol: 12-14 degrees Quantity per table: One bottle of champagne, sparkling wine: cross cup wine should drink champagne or sparkling wine, whether it is champagne or sparkling wine, use a slender champagne glass, which will bring a better wedding atmosphere. Choose the relatively cheap one. Alcohol: 10.5-13.5 degrees with the number of: a bottle of [wedding wine consumption] there is a formula to be followed, do not waste the budget of wine in the wedding preparation, you can calculate from the price of each seat, get a number, and then according to this price to find some suitable drinks. The most important thing is to estimate the amount of wine. There is a formula to follow: Number of tables x1.5+ driver + other + reserve 5= actual usage. [Newlywed toast] After the first master, the order cannot be disorderly toast is the highlight of the wedding banquet, is the link between the newlywed and the guest interaction. In the toast, the couple should understand the background of the guests in advance, and pay attention to the order of the toast, first the main table, first to the woman's parents and the man's parents, and then to other elders, and then to the next table. Not only should each table be respected, but also the guests on the table should be respected one by one. Usually the time to toast is after the main table has eaten the cold and the first course, the couple begins to toast from table to table. At this time, many brides change into cheongsam or Chinese gown. [A reminder] Unopened wine can be returned to the wedding wine can be returned, which is an additional service provided by most wine merchants. Therefore, the opening of the liquor bottle at the wedding banquet should be strictly controlled, and the liquor bottle opening should be opened according to the requirements of the wine waiter. Because the price of liquor is more expensive, it often causes unnecessary waste after opening. In the general wedding banquet, the white wine and red wine are returned by bottle (the outer packaging is not damaged), and the beer and beverage are returned by the whole box, and the price of the return is the same as the sales price. Of course, there are also some high-end brand drinks are not refundable, so you should confirm the return of wine with the wine merchant before purchasing.