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How to add background music to the video

2018-03-14 06:24:00

When adding background music to a video, it is always the case that the background music is too long and you have to cut out the extra music, or you only want one piece of music as the background music. But the sound at the incision where the music is cut off is still loud and disappears suddenly, not as suddenly as when a song ends naturally. Is there any way to make it natural? The answer is to make fade in fade out effect. For more details, read below.


First of all, run the software, click on the project, give the project name a name, such as adding background music to the video, but also select the location of the file storage, click OK, enter the sequence window, the effective preset needs to be set here, select DV-PAL widescreen 48KHz, the sequence name can be named, you can also keep the default, Then click OK to enter the main interface of the software.


Double-click in the project panel to import the material, and then use the mouse to drag the material to add to the video track 1. The video I am adding now has sound, you can remove the video soundtrack if you do not want it. Select material and right-click to remove the video and audio link, so that the video and audio are separated, and then use the mouse to select the audio file on the audio track 1, right-click to clear, or directly press Delete key.


Next, add background music to the video and create a fade-in effect. Also use the mouse to add the audio material to the audio 1 track, obviously, the background music is much longer than the video, so we have to cut the excess. You can choose the middle of the climax as the background music, cut out the sound before and after. First press the space bar to listen, find the clip point, listen to the time line will also follow the move, so find the clip point, the timeline will be there, and then use the razor tool to cut directly. Select the razor tool, find the entry point and exit point of the music material, click on the entry point and exit point, and then select the unwanted music material with the selection tool, and delete it.


After editing the music material, it will make the fade effect for the music's entry and exit points. Drag the zoom in and zoom out tool to zoom in and out the material on the track for easy operation. Drag left to zoom in and right to zoom out. Zoom in on the footage and move the timeline to the beginning. Click on the dot-like Add - Remove Keyframe button in front of the audio track. Click on it and you will find a dot on the yellow line in the middle of the music footage. Move the timeline to about 5 seconds and click the button to add a keyframe. Move the mouse to the first key frame, hold down the mouse and drag down, you will find that the yellow line between the two key frames has become an arc shape, which is the fading effect of music. If you listen to it, you will find that the sound of the music is slowly increasing, which is very natural. The same method is used to make the fade effect, but the slight difference is that the key frame at the end is dragged down.