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How to add a video to/home page?

2018-03-19 09:36:33

Due to frequent updates and the method of adding video is also constantly updated, the following to share the two methods of adding video: 1, from the background custom add video to adjust the size of the video position 2, the use of code assistant and other tools


Background or DW log text editor

[1] Method of adding video code directly

First: Add videos directly in the background, as shown in the figure:


Second: After inserting the video, click the Edit button in the background, copy the required code and put it into the following code template:                                                                                         


Third: Put the replaced video code into the background for preview testing (put the corresponding full-screen code), and release it directly

[2] Use tools such as code assistant to add videos

First: Open the code assistant, link as follows mouse through the code assistant logo, black cover appears, click on the video poster


Second: Select the corresponding shop, design the links of videos and pictures


Third: Move the generated video position above and resize the video to the desired position above


Fourth: Preview the effect, meet their needs after the effect, click to generate code, copy the content can be directly into or background custom area to go.

Matters needing attention

The first method requires self-joining or full-screen code


The second method is suitable for making rotating videos