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How much does it cost to travel?

2018-04-04 11:12:22

Tourist attractions, accommodation, travel, shopping and other consumption :1, Cape: the scenery is good, one of the famous scenic spots at home and abroad (but not recommended for couples to go here); Ticket 65 yuan/person 2, Buddhist Culture Park :, the largest scenic spot, the largest Buddhist culture park; 3, West Island: water entertainment, the same as Wuzhizhou Island, but the scenery is not Wuzhizhou Island show alone, but any water entertainment projects are not worse than Wuzhizhou Island, tickets and consumption are much lower than Wuzhizhou Island; West Island :100 yuan/person, Wuzhizhou Island :123 yuan/person 4, big (small): as West Island entertainment for water projects, popularity is very prosperous, but because of the popularity, so diving is not better than the island; 5. Nanwan Monkey Island: Located in provincial county (adjacent county, within 1 hour by bus), there is the longest sea ropeway in Asia; Ticket :118 yuan/person 6, Size Dongtian: one of the few 5A scenic spots in China, unique scenery, its shape is different stone; 7, Asia Square: This scenic spot is located in the "first bay under the heaven" - Asia, blue sky, beach into one; Ticket :55 yuan/person supplement several 1. The size of the cave is not 36 yuan/person, may be 138 yuan/person 2. The betel Nut Garden is beautiful, but it costs 165 yuan/person. 3. Cape tickets 60 yuan/person. 4. The site of the Boao Forum for Asia and the Jade Belt Beach are worth a visit, also 98 yuan/person. 5. Boundary Island is also very beautiful,100 yuan/person. 6. The tropical Botanical Garden is worth a visit. Seven. The most famous, there are small fish, all kinds of natural, of which Zhutian is known as the first in China, and Dongyu Island is selected by the heads of Asian countries. The price is 168 yuan/person. If you come to play, want to travel freely, it is recommended to find a travel agency to book a room, the wine hotel is very expensive, travel agencies have concessions. Now is the off-season, fewer people, some hot, but the peak season is more people, many places are not buying. The overall sense of service is not strong, the monopoly of various products is strong, pay attention to oh! Climate: belongs to the maritime climate, the sun and the beach is its symbol, the average temperature is about 20 degrees, single clothes with a coat on the line, unless the unexpected cold snap strikes. It is relatively cool, the air is special! Eat: By the sea, nature is based on seafood. In, the most famous stall is Spring Garden Seafood Square, near the urban children's park, it is precisely because it is so famous, so many things are cheated and fake spring garden related. In fact, think about it carefully, near the sea, the sea selling seafood will be expensive to go there? There is a market in Spring Garden square, seafood stalls are based on charging processing fees, there are places to sell seafood on the edge, buy what you want to eat, you can pick your own materials, is not worried about not choosing, don't be afraid, there will be a shift processing sister to take you to. The processing fee is charged according to the amount of seafood. If you have enough time, you can also go to the farmers' market to buy seafood, which may be cheaper, there are three farmers' markets on the street, named after the first, second and third markets, which can also buy fruit and island clothes. Buy: To buy food, use, it is best to the supermarket Wanhao supermarket, Wanfulong supermarket, Tiancheng warehouse, in addition to the pedestrian street here mainly clothing, handicrafts. Special products :A, coconut carving jewelry, shell carving B, island clothing (very beautiful flower clothes, there are more than ten yuan a set, there are hundreds of yuan a piece)C, coconut series of food, coffee, coconut powder D, tropical fruits (mango, mangosteen, dragon fruit, emperor Jiao, coconut, jackfruit, etc.)E, packaged chicken F, bitter tea, green tea, green tea G, Coconut island deer turtle wine, sea horse wine H, sea water pearls, this is high-end consumption, good sea water pearls are very expensive. Live: Generally divided into bay, urban, large, sub-four areas. It is recommended to stay in the bay of the family hotel 70-100 yuan, wine bay Tianze Haiyun, bay rooms are sea view rooms, more near the sea, to the city more convenient. Line: A more important bus departure station, bus West station, located in Jinjiling Road, urban bus lines, is from the west station. The main road in the city is the road, and this bus line, most of which run along the road, from the West Station to the East station, the operation time is also very long, and you can sit more than 11 o 'clock at night. In addition, the West station is still connected to the size of the Dongtian, cape three tourist attractions of the starting station, in the urban road, can be seen, more convenient to ride. Depart from the West Station at 9 am every day, pass through the cape and arrive at Dadongtian at about 10 am. After 2 hours, from Dadongtian to Dadongtian, return to the West Station at more than 4 PM. This route is a good choice for traveling to these three attractions. In addition, there is a tourist route from Cape to Asia, also through the West station, about half an hour to 40 minutes, a double-decker bus. Airport - Downtown, 30 minutes by car. Airport - Downtown, 30 minutes by car. Downtown has to Asia, Cape, tour line bus. There is a tour bus from downtown to Tropical Sea World.