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How many were born at the end of the world of beasts

2018-03-12 14:24:01

You had eight children in the end. "Carefree Beast World: Planting fields, Born and Born Cubs" is a novel created by Baitou dream, serialized in Tencent Literature. Introduce a fall to the orc world, by a leopard strong capture home, white Qing Qing mood is collapse. All the males in this world are as gorgeous and handsome as the peacock, but the females are ugly and invincible, and the long ugly is also favored by the male God. She could only be a clean-cut high school student, but here she is a beauty, obsessed with dead animals. The most ridiculous thing is, this is still a matriarchal society, and she doesn't want to have three husbands. Tease the leopard, tease the tiger, lure the serpent, capture the eagle. Harem full of white Qing Qing want to cry without tears, she really did not mean to ah: hey hey hey, leopard brother, tiger brother, snake eagle brother, what do you do? Don't come over here. There are four male protagonists: young spirited leopard, gloomy silent snake, strong big tiger, cold justice eagle.