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How long can the recorder record?

2018-04-25 03:12:58

When people ask this question, they need to answer it from two aspects


The Recording Device


Refers to the battery power, continuous recording can record how long, the market recording pen recording time span is very large, a few hours to hundreds of hours, but basically not more than 200 hours. The absolute length of time is not only the size of the battery, but also the scheme of the recording pen, and the power consumption of different schemes is not the same, and the power consumption is not the same. In addition, the time of recording and recording is different, and the camera is better. So the recording pen in the end how long to record, or to ask the seller, but the seller tells you this time, or to discount.


Refers to the memory size, now the recording pen is basically 8G start, 4G recording pen is generally only high-end in use. In fact, under normal use, 8G size is enough to use. 8G in the end can store how long the recording, this is determined by the recording quality, that is, the bit rate, unit kbps.


Let's talk about 8G memory, common different recording qualities, how long you can store recordings. 32kbps/581 hours, 64kbps/290 hours, 128kbps/145 hours, 192kbps/96 hours, 512kbps/36 hours, 1768kbps/24 hours, 1024kbps/18 hours, 1536bps/12 hours, 16G time doubled, 32G, 64G, you get the idea.

Matters needing attention

If you have any problems with the recording pen, you can pay attention to the small series (z Huifeng), and I will be patient to answer them