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How is May Day celebrated in Europe

2018-03-29 04:48:17

May Day has a special meaning in many cultures. Especially in Europe, the tradition is reminiscent of the fertility festivals of ancient Germanic and Roman civilizations. Non-european cultures have similar customs. For your next May Day celebration, try the following suggestions.




Erect a stylus or "tree". This is usually a small tree or a very tall pole with a green wreath hanging around it. Usually, long colored ribbons are attached to the top. A group of people will hold a ribbon in a circle around it, and the ribbon will dance and weave together to form a circumpolar pattern. In the case of the May tree, the branches are decorated with ribbons. Find a long pole or piece of wood/branch, about 10 feet or 3 meters high. Use staples, hammers, nails, or similar to tie a ribbon around the top. One ribbon per dancer is enough, though a few extra will help if you want more people to show up. The ribbon should be about three quarter lengths in length, long enough for the dancer to grab, but not long enough for them to trip them up (keeping any child's height). You can decorate the top of the post (cover the nails or staples) if you like, but this is not necessary. Fresh flowers can be woven on top ribbon for a spring-like feel. Dig a hole deep enough in the ground to grip the post without shaking. Put it in the dirt. Get some help on this part because it is hard work to dig a hole while holding the pole and filling the soil. Invite your friends over. Teach them how to dance at the Maypole. There's no need to strive for perfection, it takes quite a while to get it right - there's just a lot of fun to try. If you do participate in the May Day celebrations, you can also be crowned May Queen. Traditionally, the lucky lady can sit on a chair (throne) decorated with flowers and does not have to participate in dancing or games. If you crown the May Queen, prepare a new crown for her head.


Try to find some different style dances such as Barber pole, spider web or Jacob's ladder. Feel free to inquire about heage windmillers Maypole dancing on Facebook or Twitter.


Build a bonfire. In the Germanic culture, the bonfire of the May Day and the cattle drove them among themselves to rid themselves of their evil spirits and to protect them from harm by the cattle. The fires are still burning on the eve of May, the night between April 30 and May 1, today. Of course, don't start a bonfire without knowing it's good, according to local regulations. And be sure to properly consider the weather conditions to avoid the possibility of getting out of control.


The May Dance. In Germany, for example, a ball is usually held at midnight on April 30. This is called the "de-veining" dance.


Go out dancing. Pick your favorite place to go out dancing and use it as an excuse for a special "May 1st" dance celebration.


Look for a dance that showcases Morris. It is a traditional British dance that is often used to celebrate May Day. If you're lucky, they can even give lessons for a day!


Morris's dance is made up of six different varieties. Cotswold Morris used sticks or handkerchiefs to accompany hand movements. Northwest Morris military style precision movement. The Border Morris is a more forceful (and sometimes even more dangerous) style of Morris using the stick. Dancers often have dark faces and tattered coats in this dance form. The Longsword dance uses rigid long pieces of wood. It is often carried out at a slow pace although groups such as Demon barbers have challenged this stereotype of older people. The rapper's sword originated in the bars around the mines of England at the end of the working day. The sword (used to scrape soot from the back of my pony) will be held by each hand together, five men in a circle. The idea was to jump or flip over, move and twist under the sword while getting drunk. The tradition continues in the form of Delte, the competition of states, around the state. Molly dance shows when work is scarce in an effort to get paid for the spectacle.


Do the Fist of May. Traditional drinks consumed at night may be made with a punch of fresh strawberries (which is in season), white wine, soda or lemon juice (taste) and Woodruff (since the true semi-circle is said to have carcinogenic qualities, many people prefer to use artificial aromas for this part). Pour the wine over the herbs. It will not be added to the convex bowl. Of course, you can do it without drinking if you like. In this case, white grape juice can be substituted for wine.


Make a May Day picnic. May Day picnics rely on seasonal fruits and vegetables to make the most of their fresh flavors. In the Northern Hemisphere, strawberries, blueberries, plums, cauliflower, and snow peas are just some of the delightful produce that can be used in salads, dishes, and desserts.


Use the sky to brighten your garden in time. Visit your local garden to buy a few bottles or containers of your favorite flowers that are already in bloom. This will perk up the garden immediately and give you a hopeful feeling of spring. If you are a green thumb, see how to plant flowers.


Bring the flowers into the house. Pick your favorite flowers from the garden or buy some local flowers from the flower. Place them in a vase at your home, and perhaps at your workplace, to share the joy of spring. If you're in the southern hemisphere, bring autumn flowers and discolored leaves.


Make beautiful flower arrangements and floral crowns. If you love to do things, cut your flowers into delicate flower arrangements or weave them into garlands or crowns to wear on May Day.


Baskets of flowers hang on the doorknob of your neighbor's house. Flower baskets are often given to the fifth one celebrations also include a small gift. However, it must be done without being seen - if caught, your neighbor can obviously ask for a kiss!


Try divination. Eve is said to be a time when the spiritual world was closely integrated with the material world. Folk divination methods can be performed at night, such as peeling an apple with a knife so that the skin remains in one piece. Then cut the apple in half and eat the half back. Place the other half on your left shoulder and quickly face the mirror. It is said that this will let your future partner see your shoulder. Or, you can go out at dusk and gather nine flowers (each one different). Tie them up with string and put them under your pillow. It is believed to reveal your future partner in dreams.


Make a Daisy wreath. Wearing a wreath before midnight on May Eve can attract good luck and drive away naughty fairies.

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