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How does the laughter work on the air

2018-04-04 09:36:37

When watching the live broadcast, you often hear some laughter or other special sound effects, and it is just right, and it is put out, then how does the laughter come out during the live broadcast, and then watch the tutorial.




First of all, live will use some audio assistant software, then download a audio software, open the computer to search for audio wizard or audio aid can be, and then will search out a lot of audio software, basically used, see their own favorite.


Select one of them to download, after downloading to unzip the package, and then in the extracted folder to find the sound application, and click Open.


After opening, you can see the main interface of the sound software, you can see the options of common sound effects on the left side, and you can see a lot of laughter special effects on the right side. Click on the corresponding sound effect name and you can release the sound. You can try to see if it is an effect with the live broadcast.


At the bottom of the software is the playback device, which is related to the audio equipment used during the live broadcast, which device can be used to select which one is OK, at the back is the volume adjustment, which can control the volume of the sound effect, and at the end is the stop button, some sound effects are relatively long, you can click if you want to stop halfway, laughter is playing, but the scene needs to stop immediately. You can also press the stop button directly.


Of course, many times, use the mouse to point one by one, time-consuming and laborious may not be able to find and play it out in time, when watching the live broadcast, those rhythms are very compact, here is the use of sound shortcuts, put the mouse on one of the crowd laughter above, you can see below will pop up a shortcut key combination, Press the corresponding crowd laughter on the keyboard directly out, very fast.


Of course, these shortcut keys can be changed, better adapt to their own convenience, click on a downward triangle icon above the software, click on the shortcut key Settings window, click on the crowd laughter, enter alt+x, the shortcut key is better, click on the bottom of the OK saved, return to the main interface of the software, directly press alt+x, The sound effect of the crowd laughter came out, which is also the simplest operation method of live broadcast, everyone knows how to operate it, and hurry to try it!

Matters needing attention

There are many audio software, but the use of small differences