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How does the community monetize commercially

2018-05-07 06:24:31

The default community is a social group chat or some interactive groups, which can directly interact online and transfer online, but also directly share information online to gain revenue, which is business realization.


Group of


Information sharing


Communities are generally created because of a need, the general creation is: 1. Individuals; 2. Enterprise; 3. Face to face creation; 4. Creation of commercial activities; 5. Leisure and entertainment creation; 6. Job requirements creation, etc.


The general table of social platforms is often listed as follows: 1.; 2.; 3.; 4.; 5. Other social media.


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There are too many business activities, there will be a lot of interactive information, various forms of group chat or interaction will be carried out because of some needs, here can be operated according to their own circumstances, for enterprises can be afraid from the following: 1. First create the corresponding group chat or unified pull people to create a group chat; 2. Online maintenance and interaction, the importance of maintaining relationships; 3. Share preferential activities from time to time, or recommend products, services, etc.; 4. Let customers pull customers in to increase more orders; 5. Share some free gift information online from time to time to increase customer base and expand conversion rate.


Many netizens will say that such a community is reliable? The person who asked this only did not sensitize can say that there is no sense of belonging to their own circle, some circle of information and interaction is still very important and effective, but also produce high-quality orders and conversion, but also drive the overall message and brand delivery. However, we should pay attention to the following rules: 1. Authenticity of services and products; 2. Irregular maintenance and interaction are necessary; 3. Constantly pull new or interworking, keep fresh and active.


Not which platform is created or survived, most of the reason is to better maintain its characteristics and interests, but also to let the netizens inside have a clear perception, for the group master or group management personnel to clear the following common sense: 1. Abide by laws and regulations; 2. Set group rules. 3. Do not communicate within the group or allow others to send reactionary messages.

Matters needing attention

Platform rules


Interaction rule