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How does child long prickly rash do?

2018-03-27 06:24:09

In the summer, children sweat, or use cold water to often contact the skin is easy to appear small red rash, the so-called prickly heat, very ugly, but also very uncomfortable, can not use the hand, a catch to break inflammation.


Ten drops of water


When bathing the child, take half of ten drops of water (small bottle) and put them in the bath water.


If the heat rash is more serious, you can also put a few drops of "ten drops of water" in your hands and then directly on the skin, there will be a burning pain, but this is a normal phenomenon.


Children's skin is more tender, don't forget to use heat rash powder, so you can better faster oh

Matters needing attention

If you are allergic to ten drops of water, stop using immediately.


When using ten drops of water to apply directly, especially for young children, this method should be avoided as much as possible, and the amount of smear should also be well controlled.